Pyramid Power - NO PEEKING players! You know who you are. :)
Thanks Melly, all things considered, the wallet incident went smoothly.

On to the terrain!

Here are some pics showing the wooden sliding base I've created.

The sliding irregularly shaped stepped top parts are made of 1/8 inch plywood to save weight. The main base piece is thicker to accommodate the thickness of the gears that will be inside it. I realized I can trim down the thickness of the gears somewhat and still maintain their integrity, so I was able to use 1/4 inch plywood rather than 3/8, saving weight. Weight isn't a factor so much in this non-moving base plate, but for the bottom portion of the sliding piece that will need to accommodate locking pins, using 1/4 instead of 3/8 saves a third of the weight. Smile Lower weight means less stress on the gear system that will move the siding platform.

Here are two views from the top showing the sliding platform in the closed and open positions.

[Image: 27016705683_9959d3e6e3_o.jpg]

[Image: 27016705573_a4e9e4ce9f_o.jpg]

And here are open and closed views from underneath. I chose to use screws to hold the two layers together instead of glue so that I can take the layers apart and put them back together easily while I get everything working, and in case I ever need to work on things in the future.

[Image: 27016705563_15914b3593_o.jpg]

[Image: 27348417540_77d776534d_o.jpg]

Here is a view from below with the bottom cover removed. You can see the two slots that guide the moving piece back and forth and the rectangular wooden guides that are glued to the irregular top 1/4 inch piece. The bottom cover is screwed into these two guides. The guides are a little bit thicker than the main non-moving base plate which creates a gap when everything is screwed together. This means the only friction is from the top parts rubbing on the top of the base. Smile

(The sharp-eyed might noticed the two extra holes near the guide slots on the right. These were a mistake. I'll either fill them in with putty or not worry about them as they are covered by the sliding plate above and can't be seen.)

[Image: 27016705453_8ce7eb7496_o.jpg]

And here is what the upper piece and the base look like from below when they are separated.

[Image: 27016705373_b71c94e5d9_o.jpg]

And all three pieces together.

[Image: 27016705363_582af8e176_o.jpg]

Here is a close up of the guide slots. The D-shaped opening in the middle will contain the main gear attached to the central statue above and the gear track (glued along the straight side of the D) that the main gear will roll along to move the movable platform.

[Image: 27016705333_8715693c6e_o.jpg]

And here is an out-of-focus attempt to show how the rectangular guide pieces stick up a bit from the base plate.

[Image: 27016705203_f7af92e698_o.jpg]

Next up, fine tuning the notches on the bottom part of the sliding assembly and installing the locking pin guides!

Happy building and good luck everyone! Smile

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