Mediterranean Island Pirate Mega-Map ReaperCon 2012
@ Alabastero -

I'm glad you found this WIP thread useful. Smile

I try to share the entire journey while creating a project, not just the positive highlights.  We learn more from our mistakes than our successes in many ways, at least I do, and I'm a teacher at heart.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to share any more after-action reports for these maps as they live with Reaper in Dallas and I live outside of Houston.  I do still have lots of other action shots taken during the original convention hidden away on my computer somewhere that I might try to dig up in the future.

I plan to transfer the WIP threads from my other projects to this new site so you can check those out too, though none are even as close to as grand as this one. Big Grin

I look forward to seeing your own projects.  Good luck and happy building to you. Smile

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