Pocket watch forest
So I had a broken pocket watch.

[Image: pCPRvU1.jpg]

[Image: ZwAM6jP.jpg]

[Image: 14MHcUe.jpg]

Covering the tree wire with tissue paper and white glue as bonding.

[Image: wBjYtFE.jpg]

I used a fine point grey marker to add birch-esque stripes on it.

[Image: CmHYPsn.jpg]

I did a mini watercolor for the background. And spilled some on the table.

[Image: inocrfY.jpg]

So I'll be honest that cutting the tree apart made me a little anxious. It weirdly took almost 45 minutes to make it so chopping it up was not the best part of my day. But I actually figured out that, this small, not really needing to be very strong, I could actually make them just out of rolled tissue paper and glue the branches on where I wanted them. 

[Image: JQ9XSSf.jpg]

After building two trees, I added some super duper leaf shake stuff by Noch that is way cute and I love it. It's added over the Woodland Scenics 'bushes'.

[Image: EdV0SMx.jpg]

I added a few more bushes along the base and a tiny bit of preserved moss and some mulberry paper punched leaves. I know the scale is a bit off on those leaves for the kinds of things grow in temperate forests like where you'd find birch, but I felt like it needed something distinctly plant-looking that wasn't just more bushes.

More later o...o
Awesome! I imagine working on such small stuff is quite difficult...
(05-07-2017, 07:41 AM)matthiasstein Wrote: Awesome! I imagine working on such small stuff is quite difficult...

Thanks! But um, I don't know! Honestly I have done so few things that are in bigger scales that I'm kind of used to this size/struggle when it's larger. Like I built a tree on a piece that was 13" total and I felt totally out of my element. Most of the things I've made with terrain materials are size-of-your-palm-or-smaller land. 

[Image: 3YJfOm5.jpg]

So I'm kinda wrapping this up. I added a little more definition to the mountain with the same grey marker I used on the birch trees and used a piece of a twiggy end of a grape vine (I know, I use those a lot but I have a huge grape-covered gazebo and it's a rad source of cheap materials!) I added some little gravel pebbles and made some polymer clay fungi and dusted the with chalk pastels. Added a little bit of preserved moss to diversify the plants a little.

[Image: riHXk14.jpg]  [Image: RTSal04.jpg]

I had to kind of work out where there needed to be stuff and where I also had to stop building to make sure there was room for the 'lid/cover' thing to seat into the base but also to try to fill it in right so there wasn't a big empty strip in between the glass and the background.

[Image: 09Yj7pp.jpg]

So this was where I was left after it was dry. A bit of preserved moss as ferns, little more rocks, little bit of grass. Now I just need to get a picture of it snapped back together. That part's tricky though because it's already super hard to pull apart in the first place, but once I wedge even a tiny bit of tree foam or anything in there it's going to be jammed as all getout. I kind of figure I'll have only one shot at lining it up and snapping it closed.
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