Some dorky little necklaces
I've sold a couple micro landscapes-as-jewelry on the side over the past couple months but I like to make them pretty detailed and thus, end up pricing them higher. Naturally that makes them slow to sell. I'm going back to school for a degree now though so I'm trying to more seriously make some ends meet as a poor college student and wanted to make some cute and quirky (but not as time consuming) pieces that I can price lower. That means that I know right off the bat these could maybe be more detailed or more realistic, but I'm trying to make something I can make quickly and sell quickly so I can pay bills, not necessarily to produce perfectly, punishingly awesome art XD

So with that caveat in mind, I'm open to comments/suggestions I could take into consideration for future pieces like this. Smile

Also, sorry, not many making/process pics but they're pretty straight forward :3

[Image: 6n7kFij.jpg]

Watercolor background, little slice of purple foam, only painted at this stage. This is gluing in a little dry soil for the footpath.

[Image: T3EacBk.jpg]

The tree one should be pretty easy to figure out what's going on there. The tree trunks are painted wire and the one with color I was thinking of as a camellia tree, but it could be like... giant apples? It's really more about having a splash of color than really mattering what kind it is. It's not a super literal design, obvs.

The beach one has a palm with a thread-wrapped wire trunk (for that textured thing palms have going on) and I used a tiny leaf shape paper punch and made the fronds. The beach ball is the carved/shaped end of a toothpick. The water was a thin sheet of Woodland Scenics Water Effects that I scraped with a card onto a parchment paper and blended in a tinted streak of blue. I pushed the card back on the top edge and then lifted up to create a slight ruffle to be the waves and then gathered the sheet like fabric and attached it down. I don't know that the effect was quite the 'semi-sheer-you-can-see-sand-through-this' I was originally thinking I'd go for, but I always forget how small the spaces I'm working in really are until I get in there so I did what I could with the space I had. At least there's more going on than painted water though, so I'm happy with that.

As for the umbrella, I didn't paint a shadow because I was worried that the shadow might conflict with the natural shadows cast by the tree/ball and maybe look more strange than if there remains no shadow at all. Or is it missing something without a shadow? Any thoughts?

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Can't say I have any suggestions, but I did want to say that these are neat little pieces!
Thank you! They are kinda cheesy and kinda fun and I like that about them. I kind of want to keep them.

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