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(12-27-2017, 06:00 PM)omgitsduane Wrote: I have been using what I believe to be the same blue-green foam on a recent project and found out too late that it doesn't like to take paint.

This could be the foam or the paint, don't have enough info here to tell you which. Either way, it would not hurt for you to use some type of primer to help the paint stick.

When it comes to primers, you have to take what you're painting into consideration because there are primers for various materials. Personally, I like to use gesso as a primer for everything. Gesso has been used for centuries and sticks to just about anything - I haven't found anything yet that gesso won't work on.

As for paint, your best bet is acrylic for foam. Spray paints and enamels tend to contain solvents that will dissolve the foam. These CAN be used, but require much more preparation of the foam to work.

Gesso plus acrylic paint is a hassle-free combo. You can buy gesso at any art supply store or online. It is your friend.
Thank you very much. As I replied to your private message I do have some Gesso but I use it for canvas work more than hobby related building. Now I can find double use for it! 

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