Stone/brickwork rollers
I seem to recall 3d printed rollers being available for fast rolling brickwork onto foam.
Any where in the UK that these are available?

I have some 54mm terrain to make and lots of regular brickwork to do

Kind regards
Thanks mate, had a look at these and I think they are too small for what I need, great concept though but I need something larger that cuts into foam rather than making an impression. Might have to make something up, got some ideas to think about.
Someone here (Alabastero maybe? Could have been havre) made a single-brick foam-press jig out of the metal back part of a #2 pencil (the piece that holds the eraser). It's not as fast as a roller, but you can make it the size you need and it gives you more control over the depth to which you incise the foam. How much brick work do you need to do?
[Image: wall_zpsb0hgquho.jpg]
got a few of these, and some from other items,
There was someone from the old forum that had printed stone rollers.
I have made a prototype 'stamp' that will do 70mmx100mm wall sections, if the process works out I shall post some info on it.

Thanks for the assist anyway
have you thought of rendering what you need as an stl file, and having it printed up? I

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