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For our presentation table at the 2016 Hamburger Tactica show we had a table for Musket & Tomahawks. It showed the surrounding of Fort Bull (present day Rome, NY) and the fort itself. Inside the fort where several buildings, like warehouses or powder magazines.

I started with a base of polystyrne. I took the cheap bubbly stuff, cause it will be covered entirely with wooden parts, so the stability won't be any problem. I happen to have a good table cutter ready, so I can cut straight lines. You could use any hobby knife as well, but will end up with some sticky garbage:

[Image: img_1839.jpg] [Image: img_18381.jpg]

For the roof I cut a roof shaped piece of polystyrene and covered it with stirrers.

[Image: img_1837.jpg]

And this is the result of 1 hour cutting, gluing and trimming:

[Image: img_1836.jpg]

For the next step I used balsa wood and cut it to doors and windows. On one house I was cutting the windows and the door inside the wall to give it more depth. For the other two houses I was just lazy and glued the frame and the shutters onto the wall. I think the result is still acceptable.

[Image: img_1866.jpg]

Then came the time to dive into my hirstarts collection of already cast stones. I happen to have a bunch of wooden shingle tiles still in a box, so I used them. They look quite good on the loghouse:

[Image: img_1864.jpg]

And here is the final picture of the house with the veranda:

[Image: img_2076.jpeg]

[Image: img_2075.jpeg]

After the construction I was painting the houses with normal acrylic colors and drybrushed them with lighter tones. The result you can see here in the final pictures from the convention:

[Image: 1461484_orig.jpg]

[Image: 2417584_orig.jpg]

[Image: 9390261_orig.jpg]

[Image: 9851448_orig.jpg]
I do like the look of these, what scale are they? I am about to embark on a 54mm 1/32 scale project and these look like a good place to start
Oh, I forgot to post the scale. It's classic 28mm. But I think it would be no problem to use this technique for 54mm wargaming, you'd just have to add a few more layers of stirrers to get more height and the wooden shingles should fit as well. For the roof you could as well use the old cardboard shingle method, if you don't have the hirstarts roof mold available.
Sehr gut!

I really appreciate a couple things on the build. 1. I approve of the solid foam buildings. 2. I LOVE the pigs!

I do both of these things on my own AWI table; solid buildings and the presence of livestock.

The river looks great too. Did you pour some acrylic? I am curious about the texture.
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Danke Tob! Smile

The river was a project in itself. I didn't want to use epoxy because of the price and the toxic fumes it's said to distribute. So first I tried to use liquid water from vallejo. But it was only possible to pour like 5mm thick layers of water. If the layer was thicker, the water got white and lost it's transparency.

At that time I was in a bit of a hurry to finish the thing, so I couldn't wait to pour single layers of 5mm into the river bed. So I went looking around and found a practicable solution: candle gel.

You can get the stuff in the internet or normal hobby stores in big boxes. It's basically a transparent gel which will normally be used to cast candles with stuff in it (like miniature fishes, etc.). When put into boiling water, the gel gets liquid and can be poured in any shape you want. After cooling it solidifies and feels like weak rubber. I read that the surface of the gel is dust attracting, so I used the left over bottles from vallejo liquid water and poured a tiny layer on top of the gel. When this layer was partly dry I used a brush to form the wave structure.

I will try to find some pictures of the process and post them, but I'll have to search...
(02-23-2017, 03:21 AM)Alabastero Wrote: At that time I was in a bit of a hurry to finish the thing, so I couldn't wait to pour single layers of 5mm into the river bed. So I went looking around and found a practicable solution: candle gel.

Yeah, I know the stuff you mean. I've seen it in hobby stores but it never occurred to me to use it as water! Nice.

Excellent work!
Fantastic stuff! Also, I'm pretty sure that while playing Assassin's Creed III, I infiltrated my way into that exact place and viciously murdered all the red-coats therein.  Wink

I recently acquired a copy of Sharp Practice 2, so your work here is of particular interest to me. 
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Thanks Munin,

that AC3 Fort was part of my inspiration for the build. But Fort Bull was just a simple stockade, so I couldn't build more fancy towers or walkways, which I first intended to do Smile

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