Stupidly large communications dish of communications
So bugger it... I'm in.

Just need to make sure I can finish.

I am going to make a large communications/radar dish that balances on a 1" base, because who doesn't love a challenge. I am going to concentrate on just the dish and if I get it finished then I will work on some extra things to compliment it.

I will hopefully upload some diagrams/pics later today.
Look forward to it!
Turns out that a 1" base is incredibly small....
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I know! Right!?
I was going to cut some bits of board to make the bases... but it turns out that WH40K mini bases are perfect.

Here are my ideas for this:
[Image: 20161108_104030.jpg] [Image: 20161108_104034.jpg]

And here is the start of this project:

[Image: 20161108_153448.jpg]
A stack of one inch diameter fender washers would serve you well as a weight underneath that plastic base. Just saying.

Glad to have you on board Smile And yes, 1" is very small!
I have made some progress! Found the base of a plastic wine glass is a good dish size. I'll have some pics up later.

Turns out I read the competition wrong and was only making 1 thing. Now I am going to make 5 other 1" things (2 smaller dishes, 2 antennae arrays and maybe some kind of power station/large battery to operate them all) and then put the bigger dish on the 2" base.
Erk. I'm out for this one. There is no way I'm going to find time to get anything even half finished. Just too much going on right now.

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