Necromunda Tunnels
So, I eventually got round to starting this -I know I've left it a little late, but lets see if we can do it!

Hmmm...What could be more grand than making an entrance on the Necromunda table from a 'Tunnels' - so I'm going to make a representation of a Tunnels entrance. It won't have any gameplay significance - so players can still emerge wherever they want, its just for looks.

Here is where I am so far...

First, main materials used - A CD for the base, the cardboard inner-tube from some Sellotape and "Granny Grating" (I have no idea of the offical name for this stuff Confused )
[Image: imag0127-jpg.4038]

Next - Cut the grating into a hexagon so it is the same size as the tube.
[Image: imag0128-jpg.4039]

This is what it looks like right now...
[Image: imag0129-jpg.4040]

I still have to build the actual vents coming up from the depths - one of which is fake, with a ladder descending back down into the darkness below.

C&Cs welcome
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Good start.
BTW, that is an Octagon rather than a Hexagon.

It is a tube leading into levels deep below?
The whole thing is not a 'vent'?
Curious to see what will be added that will constitute vents.

You're right, Octagon it is Smile

Unfortunately, due to it being Lunar New Year (you know it as Chinese New Year) where I am (in VietNam) I'm off in the countryside - deepest darkest Mekong Delta - to my wife's home town - for a few days, which means I'm not going to be able to get this build finished Sad

I'll probably leave it as is an keep it for a unfinished amnesty competition Smile

Anyway, sorry - good luck to everyone else!
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"unfinished amnesty competition"

That is a really good idea! I have piles of crap unfinished things&stuff laying about Wink

Hope you enjoy the new year celebrations and come back filled with inspiration&motivation. Smile

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