WoW Legion Inspired Board Using Mostly Recycled Materials
The green is Fel Energy - Chaos Magic if you like - and yes, it's very similar to radiation.
(09-27-2016, 09:33 PM)Tob Wrote: Whereas I am not familiar with the source material, I do like the look of this table.  I can only presume the green glow is radioactivity and the technique is really good.  

The general texture reminds me of lava or maybe the results of a nuclear weapon.

This table might be good for Necromunda too, or any post-apoc type games.

Thanks for the compliment! I like the glow effect that I'm getting off of the brush I'm using. Its definitely turning out pretty interesting. I've never heard of Necromunda, but I will definitely check it out! I kind of want to get some Dark Eldar as I fill like they would look good on this board. Haha!
 I used decorators filler on the foam to create my terrain. From there I have taken a box cutter to crack the top of the filler after I spray painted it with a matt black. This cracks the top layer which exposes the portion under it which is still white. I then just paint the white with my standard green acrylic and it dry brushes the black which gives two very wonderful contrasting shades! Totally accidental. Still debating whether or not i'll go back and clean up the areas around it.  I plan on using summer grass(which is a nice green) on the brown areas which will then turn into a mixture of wintery yellow/green grass in the mixed areas before turning into yellow grass(dead grass) which will then just be sparse into the black leading into the Fel energy. Any feedback on this idea? Thanks for the compliments!
(09-26-2016, 08:33 PM)djmothra Wrote: That does look very close to the actual in game area Smile

Can you tell us what colours you used and how please?
Here is the final product. It turned out rather green... Give me some feedback!

[img][Image: IMG_1870_zpsh7aqs4ed.jpg][/img]
[img][Image: IMG_1872_zpse8mktifn.jpg][/img]

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