Incredible work! I think you are the winner of this competition! Well deserved.
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Wow. Seeing it all together like that, it really looks great! I'm sure lots of fun will be had on those boards.
I think a coat or two of gloss varnish might help to sell the "water" a little better.
Congratulations! You were the only entry in the competition, so you will be able to choose the comp theme. I will create a new area for that shortly where you can post your criteria. Thank you for participating! It is definitely an impressive collection.
And according to Homer Simpson 'Default' are the 2 best words in the english language!?
I'll get my thinking hat on.
I never posted all three sets together - this is something I just threw together to use all (but 2 or 3) of the tiles.

[Image: 20161021_090729-jpg.9029]
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These are super cool!

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