I'm adding an expansion to my previous Dungeon Tiles set - this time some Sewer and Cavern Tiles (they'll cover Man-Made and Natural Opposites)

Started off making some Stalagmites scatter terrain for the Caverns.

Made simply with Tissue Paper and PVA Glue - Hot Glued down onto some broken bits of maths Equipment Smile
[Image: 20160915_084908-jpg.8760]

[Image: 20160915_125419-jpg.8761]

Sit nicely into one of the previous dungeon tiles (this one...I "found it" under some books - I put it there to keep pressure on whilst drying and forgot it was there)
[Image: 20160915_125429-jpg.8762]

Started to mark out the 3"x3" tiles for the caverns...but the sewers are a little different - they are made mainly with the offcuts and glues down onto thick card (same as my Chasm tile)
[Image: 20160916_094544-jpg.8763]

The walkways are 1" in width and the goo down the middle is also 1" too - minis will still be able to stand on them no problems.
[Image: 20160916_123627-jpg.8764]

[Image: 20160916_123715-jpg.8765]

Using Hot Glue to add the texture for the Goo.
[Image: 20160916_161436-jpg.8766]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
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Going to be making any stalactites to go with the mites? Tongue

Already looking cool, look forward to seeing what other things you will fill your dungeon with Smile
I may make a few columns that have linked up! but 'tites on their own...not sure I could pull that off Wink

I'll do some mushrooms and crystals too.

Yes. Good idea.
Mushrooms and crystals - the denizens of the caverns are gonna be super chill or super buzzed!
Interesting use of the glue gun for slime - I can't copy it now can I!
Finished the Hot Glue Goo and added a couple of semi submerged barrels - thee were off cuts that 'broke' in a curved fashion with the last project - I added a little support ie, the top of the barrel is a Lolly Pop stick (Ice Popsicle?).

[Image: 20160917_085815-jpg.8783]

[Image: 20160917_085901-jpg.8784]

To do here...I still need to add a few walls - these will have an occasional grate integrated (haha!) into them. I'll probably make a few more as well.

Caverns will come soon Smile
Added the walls to the tiles. As you can see I drew in the Grate on this one, but later I make 'real' ones.

[Image: 20160919_085911-jpg.8803]

[Image: 20160919_122535-jpg.8804]

[Image: 20160919_122544-jpg.8805]

[Image: 20160919_122804-jpg.8806]

I added a small pipe to the deadend tile, but I'm not sure I like it very much, I might get rid of it.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated
Needed some more Sewers...

Cut ready to go.
[Image: 20160922_105321-jpg.8818]

Details drawn on and textured with a rock.
[Image: 20160922_120112-jpg.8819]

Hot Glue Goo added.
[Image: 20160922_122304-jpg.8820]

A quick test...yeah, that works Smile
[Image: 20160922_122701-jpg.8821]

Added some more glue to the pipe to make it look like it's flowing, also changed the flow design around it to hopefully show that liquid is pouring into it.
[Image: 20160922_122712-jpg.8822]

Tomorrow - maybe one or two more but I really need to get the rest of the walls done.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
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Sewer update - I think I am done with them.

[Image: 20160926_140732-jpg.8841]

[Image: 20160926_140935-jpg.8842]

[Image: 20160926_140953-jpg.8843]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated

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