The sinter fill pools look very nice. Can't wait to see them painted!
Everything is looking great! Sorry I had to skip this one - it's Halloween season - so my terrain time has to make way for costume time. I am working on 4 full costumes and 3 costume parts.
@Seth post up a few pics on Facebook Smile

Added 2 transition bits - basically, the walls have been broken (but by what!?) into...or out of!
[Image: 20161006_120333-jpg.8909]

I couldn't wait to try a few of them out.
[Image: 20161006_120916-jpg.8910]

Some close ups
[Image: 20161006_120927-jpg.8911]

[Image: 20161006_120935-jpg.8912]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
The most likely answer would be "out of" the cave area and into the other two - because the bricks are scattered to the dungeon/sewer side and most things that bust out of/into something don't take the time to rearrange the debris from their break to confuse those who come after. Big Grin

Oh, and I LOVE the transition pieces. The ability to so easily tie everything together like that is awesome and will increase the already impressive flexibility of this build. I would suggest building a few more:

1) Sewer "dead end" with only a single edge containing a water connection - likely the one opposite the break.

2) Sewer "side wall" piece where the sewer canal passes from one side to the other, with the break along one wall

3) Dungeon "dead end" with only a single open end - likely the one opposite the break.

4) Dungeon "side wall" piece with two open ends, with the break along one wall.

Those additional pieces would give you all the most likely locations for a break, and offer multiple entrances/exits to/from the various themed areas for even more options.
Nice work. I agree with all those clamoring to see them painted.
Ok, I have started painting - I got some white spray...only to discover that it is gloss >.< So I have crudely hand painted these. Washes will go on tomorrow.

[Image: 20161012_143307-jpg.8955]

C&Cs welcome
Caverns update.

Burnt Sienna wash...
[Image: 20161014_081959-jpg.8988]

[Image: 20161014_082043-jpg.8989]

Burnt Umber wash in the deeper crevices and along the base.
[Image: 20161014_121840-jpg.8990]

Finished off with a Sand Yellow drybrush.
[Image: 20161015_103738-jpg.8991]

Dungeon Transition bit has been painted to match the previous build so it fits seamlessly.
[Image: 20161015_103747-jpg.8992]

I still need to paint and Airbrush the Glowing Gemstones and Crystals - tomorrow Smile

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Looking very nice. A bit of constructive criticism though - the transition between the caves and the other areas looks a bit odd. Because you are using 1" tiles (presumably for ease of play), it looks like they are actual flagstone tiles, and the fact that the ones in the transition actually change color in a gradient looks weird. I would suggest having a hard break in the colors between the two areas, with perhaps some rubble one or both ways carrying the color from the other direction.
With time rapidly running out - I may have leave some of the improvements that you guys have mentioned until a future time.

That being said...

All the Sewer Tiles have been primed for painting later.
[Image: 20161019_084556-jpg.9006]

...And, Glowing Crystal Caverns! I'm not entirely happy with some of the Glows - I added too much thinner to the yellows for example. The Blues look great though I think - but I'm still an Airbrush beginner.

[Image: 20161019_064802-jpg.9004]

I was going for  Super Dungeon Explore kind of look (It's not bad)
[Image: 20161019_064820-jpg.9005]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Photo Dump for Comp Entry...

[Image: 20161020_114445-jpg.9010]

[Image: 20161020_143018-jpg.9011]

[Image: 20161020_143112-jpg.9012]

[Image: 20161020_162014-jpg.9013]

[Image: 20161020_162024-jpg.9014]

[Image: 20161020_162311-jpg.9015]

[Image: 20161020_162621-jpg.9016]

[Image: 20161020_162632-jpg.9017]

[Image: 20161020_162944-jpg.9018]

[Image: 20161020_162956-jpg.9019]

[Image: 20161020_163003-jpg.9020]

Phew - I'll play about with the final pics before posting in the entry post.

C&Cs welcome.

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