Hidden Bunker of Hiddenness
Hopefully this meets the conditions. I'm proposing a hidden military bunker (camouflaged into a hillside) that can be opened up to see all the futuristic gadgets inside. So pretty much going for the natural/man made contrast.
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Sounds perfect! Can't wait to see it come together Smile
Hey. Looking for some advice.

I would like to use the wire tree that I started making 2 comps ago in this piece. I didn't get very far with it but I'm also aware that we aren't supposed to use stuff that we have made previously. But I'm hoping everyone will be nice and let me use it anyway. I can always make another wire armature if I have too.

Anyway, let me know yay or nay.
I have no problems with that Smile
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Ugh... Just realised how much time has goten away from me...again. I have a feeling that if the cmps were 365 long, I would still struggle with the deadline. Hopefully get something up and running this weekend.
Hope you had time to do more on this build!
Nope... It is with much sadness that I'm pulling out of this comp. I just have too much going on right now.

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