Tile terrain
Hi all.

Lately I've been a bit out of my hobbies, but things are settled down a bit now.
I'm hoping to get back into running and playing D&D, so I figured why not try making a bit more terrain.

[Image: IMG_20160824_173749660.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160824_174206669.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160824_174457367.jpg]

I used 1/4" baltic birch plywood which I engraved and cut using the laser cutter at work. I applied a quick coat of walnut stain to bring out some of the texture of the wood.
Initially I was thinking I would drybrush these, but now I'm on the fence. It might help hide the grain and make the planks seem like individual pieces, which would be nice.

In any case, now I've at least got some basic floor tiles that I can use for encounters that take place inside. I am already coming up with ideas for bar fights, warehouse ambushes, etc...

My immediate reaction is to say no to the drybrushing. But then again, you might as well test a piece to see what it looks like. Might turn out pretty cool.
I was immediately impressed with how high-class your dungeons must be to have wooden floors - then I read the part about how this would be for bar fights and warehouses... and that makes much more sense
High class floors. Now there's an idea.

I have an idea for an adventure that involves a few locations that could use floors even nicer than wood.

As usual I cut out some pieces using the laser. I tried out a tile design with a bit more interest than just checkerboard floors.

I did most of the painting using a scouring pad to stipple on some colour. The red sections were painted with a very dilute coat of red paint. That part took some time...

Once everything dries I think I'll do a very thin black wash with floor polish to darken the gaps between the tiles and give them some shine.

[Image: IMG_20160828_104706068.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160828_110018861.jpg][Image: IMG_20160828_113347594.jpg][Image: IMG_20160828_114752975.jpg][Image: IMG_20160828_125919360.jpg]
This looks really nice. I like how the thinness of the red allows the variation in color underneath to show through a little, giving it some variations in tone as well.

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