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Comp. X: Final Entries
Voting is now open!! Cast a vote for your favorite entry.


Please post your final entries to the "Something New" Competition in this thread.

Be sure to give yourself enough time before the close of the competition in case there are any issues posting. This thread will be LOCKED at the end of the day, Sunday, June 21st. (Ended)

Final entries should be entered with photos that are large, crisp, and well lit. Members will be allowed a maximum of 5 photos per entry. Competition submissions also require a brief description of the materials used, completed size, intended final purpose and a link to your WIP thread.

Observers are encouraged to give comments & critiques in the user's WIP thread in an effort to keep this thread organized with submissions only. Voting will be open for 5 days after the entry deadline. Good luck!
Cobblestone (Bean) Watchtower

This still seems naked to me without vines, windows, chimneys, etc... but I did what I could. Tongue

Total measurements: 13" tall from table to the tallest roof and 7" wide.

[Image: 20160820_1544322.jpg]

[Image: 20160820_1545382.jpg]

[Image: 20160820_1546032.jpg]

[Image: 20160820_1546342.jpg]

The base for the buildings are various food containers: the tallest being a Pringles can. They were attached with hot glue. Also from the grocery store, I picked up a bag of dried bean soup mix and dumped it into a pan. I picked out some of the really large beans because they looked too far out of scale. The sides of the buildings were coated in a thick layer of spackle and then pressed into the loose beans.

Initially the beans look very messy, but some quick handy work can push the beans around to be more evenly placed. Once the spackle has fully dried, a coat of PVA glue needed to be applied to keep the beans from falling off during the rest of the construction.

The roofs are made for other cardboard food packaging. The base was a cone shape and the shingles were strips with slits cut across them to look like shingles. The slits allow the strip to curve around the rounded edges of the roof. The stones were painted random colors and then a light gray wash and a brown wash was done on the whole piece to tone down the "mortar" color.

A full work in progress can be seen here.
Modular Dungeon Tiles

New technique used: Modular / Interchangeable Terrain.

Each tile is 3inches by 3 inches and approx 1/2" in height. Main materials used are PVC Foamboard and Wooden Tongue depressors & Lollypop sticks.

Modular Dungeon Tiles for a variety of RPG and gaming uses that can be arranged however you want. Included are a variety of furnishings and extras to bring the dungeon to life.

Full WIP can be found here: Modular Dungeon Tiles Competition WIP

The Tiles themselves. These were painted with a matt black spray primer. Stippled on with Burnt Sienna and Mid Grey, followed by a Tan drybrush. The flock is home made using green paint and sawdust.
[Image: 20160819_120800-jpg.8602]

The Furnishings. The deadend / rockfall was made from random rocks found in my school yard. The Table, Chair, Beds and Bookcase are wood. The Sconce and Crystal ball is a cut up Chess Pawn. Bottles, paper and books are paper and bits from my bits box. The Gate / Portcullis is BBQ Skewers through single corrugated card. Also here are 3 wooden clip-on Doors and 2 clip-on Secret Doors.
[Image: 20160819_120942-jpg.8604]

An example dungeon - this is using all but 2 or 3 tiles.
[Image: 20160819_122026-jpg.8613]

A close-up of the Dungeons 'Boss Room' using some of the furnishings.
[Image: 20160819_121953-jpg.8612]

A close-up of the back side of the 'Secret Area' after the 'Boss Room' showing the Chasm & Bridge, Rock fall and Secret Door in use.
[Image: 20160819_122214-jpg.8615]

The Gate, Bookcase and Rockfall are all the same width (about 6cm) - and can fit perfectly within a 'Corridor Tile' or 'End Tile'. They are also free standing if need be.

Thanks for Looking! Big Grin
Down to the wire!

Desert Oasis

[Image: mJh5jO0wD2mEgnzszKI9f4UoaziLULR1BUXGGyDX...40-h480-no]

[Image: tKwo4oBxf2yslhsRxhN8xzIu4CQbpFKe_O2ZNI1S...40-h480-no]

[Image: VAPu6fjQp8wCcJV-FJzbvk4AXVi4HR0L01pq9w9U...40-h480-no]

[Image: QV8ixtkG4IYbiJQhiAY8KmQ6fZP6zR-GBIE27Hh8...40-h480-no]

This was a whole bunch of new firsts for me: Water effects (envirotex lite), crackle medium, a specific natural material (pinecones), and believe it or not - hot-glue. It's designed for 28mm scale, and the oasis pond itself measures roughly 7" x 10". The palm tree is loosely modeled on the Medjul Date Palm. The base is just a pinecone. I didn't even paint it because the color/texture was perfect. The fronds are green scrap-book paper glued to floral wire.

On the whole, I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. The water effects on the oasis came out a little darker than I wanted (which obliterates some of the nice color-blending I had underneath it), but I really like the way the crackle effect of the dried mud turned out. The palm tree is OK, but I feel like the leaves need a little bit more variation in color/texture. I'll probably tinker with the design a little bit before getting down to mass-production.

Quick edit: CRAP, even after I dusted off the surface of my water, I still got sand on it when I was posing stuff. Grrrr. But trust me, it's super smooth and shiny!

REAL EDIT: Whoops! Forgot to add a link to my WIP Thread!
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