25mm Scale Fortress build
Hi all

Great to join the TG forum again after many years. I have had a long break from making model scenery but am starting again. At the moment, what I'm doing is part hobby part intention to sell, but showcasing is how I'm starting, so I chose this promotions forum as it seems we can add links in here.

Back in 2003/5/6 ish... I built three 25mm scale models of Helms Deep from LOTR, all of which sold for around £500. They took hours! but were great fun to build. I only have one picture though, it seems, that has hung about for over ten years (below).

I do believe that at the time I may have been one of the first to attempt this project and had a fairly good reaction on coolminiornot. Amazingly its still there http://www.coolminiornot.com/50619 Smile

[Image: 13892207_1592716974362143_27553578430534...e=58293896]

Since then the project to build the world coolest fortress for wargaming has been done time and time again and some really really good examples litter the images tab on Google. Some of the projects are a work of art and must have taken a lot longer to build than mine.

However, I'm in the game of building realistic scenery as quickly as possible to make it affordable for wargamers and have now decided to build a new fortress. This Helms Deep will be a derivative of the original, above, but still be pretty obvious that its modelled on the super fortress from The Two Towers, but still make a great Wargaming fortress for 25mm scale.

It will be for sale when finished.

This time around I am going to blog the build. It will be scratchbuilt from recycled boxes and polystyrene in the main, and detailed to look nothing like the underlying structure you will see in these early pictures on my new Facebook page. Please follow my build, I shall post here to on a regular basis.

Thanks Guys.


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