Wizard Tower Pen / Pencil Holder COPY!
So, the 11 year old daughter of my school principal wanted to copy my Wizard Tower Pen / pencil Holder which I made waaaaaay back Link Here and as it's summer school, I've been helping her out with how to do bits and bobs...but the vast majority of the work is hers - she just copied mine Smile

[Image: 20160729_102231-jpg.8455]

My original tower is on the left - looks a bit tatty now - especially compared to my recent comp build, I might bring it in for a refurb soon.

Right now, very similar!

[Image: 20160729_102244-jpg.8456]

Painting will start on Monday but Miss Lion (yes, Lion!) has decided she might want a slightly different color to mine, but the build is pretty much identical Smile

I'll update here with the progress of it!

C&Cs welcome as always.
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Yours is a very dark colour. I am viewing it on a phone screen at the moment. Without any captioning I would have guessed it had been primed (black or walnut) in preparation for painting.

Miss Lion's looks quite good. What colour has she got in mind? You might show her a batch of images of real towers so she can see that natural stone comes in a variety of colours. (There is a teachable moment looming here.) Nothing wrong with brighter more cartoon like hues either.

Yes, the original tower is so dark - especially compared to my Mirador Tower comp entry. I'll probably repaint it at the same time Miss Lion is doing hers next week Smile

We did discuss colors - we're leaning towards a beige / sandy colour for the bricks and grey / blue roof tiles - my bits are for use in Frostgrave so I make them dark and then brighten with snow, but she wants some bushes and flowers and grass on hers - we can do that Smile But great idea about having a look first online for a little more inspiration.

I do have a question - has anyone made Vines just out of string - coated in PVA, painted green then stuck flock on it? It might not look perfect, but it'd certainly work right?
Your vines will work, however I recommend spraying with a fixative agent of even just more spray adhesive otherwise the flock falls off it easily.
(07-29-2016, 08:27 PM)djmothra Wrote: I do have a question - has anyone made Vines just out of string - coated in PVA, painted green then stuck flock on it? It might not look perfect, but it'd certainly work right?
I never have. But...

If I was going to try this promising sounding method I would begin by purchasing fuzzy yarn, in some shade of green, and then proceed with:

"...painted in green, coated in PVA, then stuck flock on it..."

Note: that two steps are swapped.

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Started painting - She decided to go for a straight copy, whilst I decided to try out a new color scheme (that'll i'll be using for my dungeon competition)

Original is on the left - new version on the right.

[Image: 20160803_132422-jpg.8489]

C&Cs welcome
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Wow, her painting is looking rad! Really nice and already making it look great. As for the vines and string, I have made them but I didn't actually paint the string. I was using the string as the twiggy stuff and then added leaves of parsley that I'd soaked in a water/pva glue mix to try to make them more flexible. They weren't strong and I probably wouldn't recommend it considering all the time it took for something that wants to constantly break but what I did like about it was being able to unfurl the string to have really natural looking points where it splits into stems of different size.

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