Desert Oasis
Any more progress to report?

I'll admit, I kind of like your brownish water. Did it stay that color, or did it change as it cured?
Nice dirt!! That water fx soaking up the side would be perfect for a larger lake or ocean shore, but I can see how it might be out of place here.
Oh, dang, I forgot that TG comps end the week before the end of the month! Crap, I'm not gonna get my pine-cone palm trees finished. Sad I'll take better pictures of my oasis and get those posted in the "Final Entries" thread later this afternoon.
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Yeah, it's a little tricky that way but we need to leave time available for voting, etc... glad you could squeeze it in!
Sorry I'm late on commenting but I wanted to see what went down in the contest while I wasn't here. It was a clever use of that pinecone and your cracked earth was fantastic! I've not yet thought up a plan I want to make that would use something like that, but should it ever happen I will definitely come back to this thread to learn about how you used it.

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