Dungeon Tiles
Looks great! I'm not really a huge fan of the thick flock you used, but it isn't too big of an issue - more a personal preference thing. I LOVE your secret doors, and the way they (and the regular doors) just slot on to the walls. Similarly, the prison bars work very well. The colors on everything look great, work well together, and really sell the "dark dingy dungeon" effectively.

As for suggestions, I would say your doors could use doorknobs/pulls to really sell them as doors, and maybe some hinges as well. As-is, they work, but would be a bit easier to recognize with those details.

Also, just because I LOVE the way your little rounded room becomes a latrine, you should make a small seat, either with just a dark black hole in it, or a cover, just to fully sell the room. Big Grin
Awesome ideas @Ambience but sadly, I had no time today for any extras and adding to stuff - so the pics here will have to do for the entry Sad But, I will amend the doors a little as suggested and yes, I will add some actual "Bogs...or Lavvies" Wink

I am going to have this as an ongoing project though, with more furnishings planned...as well as more tiles (they are a little boring to make and paint though)
Next up is: Cavern Tiles with Stalagmites and C-Tites, Sewers and maybe some tavern tiles too!

I'll post the official entry tomorrow sometime.
I know my comments are late for the entry, but I wanted to see everyone's work anyway. I will say that I do like the large sawdust flock method. Considering your treatment on the beds being kind of bold and stylized I feel like the sawdust method works with it. I'm actually a huge fan of your beds and the bits on the shelf because I love getting into the miniatures aspect of these builds. Although you used simple materials, they were creative and worked out well.

The one thing I saw that was such a tiny thing that barely even matters but that kinda bored into my eyeholes and wouldn't leave is the seam on your chess piece floor sconce. In one of your pictures it was turned in a way where you saw it and it was catching the light just right and I just wanted to go in and sand it down for you and fix the paint over it again. It's such a minimal thing, but it took me away from viewing the overall piece and I was like... oh, that's some kind of molded plastic... instead of like OH COOL A SCONCE!

The paint treatment on the floor is great though. The sienna and the blue-tone of that grey actually makes it really colorful and fun (you know, fun for a dungeon.) I think it really suits the bold colors in the bed and the minis you added in to the shelf. Great work!
A wee update - finally got round to gaming with my Grade 10's today - as it was Halloween, I went for an undead theme! This is what they'll have to go through - they only managed the Graveyeard today, but we'll continue next week.

Enjoy Smile

The Heroes and the Mobs
[Image: 20161031_083209-jpg.9112]

Into the Graveyard
[Image: 20161031_084112-jpg.9113]

The Mausoleum
[Image: 20161031_084119-jpg.9114]

The students didn;t get inside yet, but this is what they'll have to look forward too next week Smile
[Image: 20161031_084139-jpg.9115]

[Image: 20161031_084151-jpg.9116]

Overview of the Dungeon
[Image: 20161031_084203-jpg.9117]

My English Room!
[Image: 20161031_153554-jpg.9118]

C&Cs welcome as always.

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