Dungeon Tiles
Terrain "lemonade". Excellent. Smile

I agree, this will work great with the side walls in either orientation.
Dungeon Update.

First, the start of a "Clip-On" Secrect door - the door will actually be glued open at a 45deg angle.
[Image: 20160801_102712-jpg.8467]

An actual "Clip-On" Door, the middle part is the same thickness Foamboard with Lolly sticks over the top.
[Image: 20160801_121725-jpg.8463]

Made a little rickety bridge for the chasm.
[Image: 20160801_123204-jpg.8464]

Now...the first adventure - now we're not being very original here, no prize winning campaigns (yet) It's a simple search and rescue (the Town Mayors daughter has been kidnapped by the Orcs in the forest)

[Image: 20160801_130516-jpg.8465]

Entrance at bottom right.
1. Guard Post - 2 orcs on guard, table and chair, some papers - nothing special.
2. Main Barracks - 3 to 4 orcs here sleeping on makeshift beds. Maybe a few supplies in footlockers.
3. Latrine - 2 to 3 Orcs here - if the party are noisy in taking out the barracks they'll join as reinforcements on the 2nd turn. If not, they'll stay there unless disturbed.
4. Boss Room!
5. Treasure behind chasm and secret door (I may not include the chasm here)

And here it is...I still need to finish off a few all sections and of course make some furnishings, but we're getting there!
[Image: 20160801_130527-jpg.8466]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Made a few little changes to the first dungeon, basically made it a little bigger. Made another door and some beds - the Dais is just the remaining 2x1 bits for secret passages - I may make a special dedicated one later.

[Image: 20160803_102711-jpg.8488]

Parts in Red are the bits I still need to make - there's probably more as well no doubt!

[Image: 20160803_102158-jpg.8485]

Beds are only part finished - more to come later.

[Image: 20160803_102208-jpg.8486]

[Image: 20160803_102216-jpg.8487]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated of course.
I was already enjoying watching your process of creation, but now that I see the practical application this has my attention even more. Having played a LOT of Hero Quest, the value of dungeon tiles is quite apparent to me, and your short walls give a much better sense of separation than the thick lines on the Hero Quest board. The modular design is also great, loving how the different pieces can come together to make such a varied set of room types and shapes. (The partitioned privy area is especially satisfying for some reason - it just works so well with such simple pieces.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing your furnishings and other small details come together. Those beds and the bridge are really nice, but your "clip-on doors" are pure genius and really work.

Keep up the good work, and I'll keep watching!
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If the dias was arranged on the South wall, instead of the diagonal wall, movement difficulties with the grid changing angle would be avoided.

Made another 'End Tile' and another clip on door.

Also, decided that the Orc Warlord / Boss will need some kind of chair to do his Warlording and Bossing - It'll go on the Dais above.

Just off cuts of wood that I'm using for the doors and beds.

[Image: 20160805_101327-jpg.8499]

[Image: 20160805_101334-jpg.8500]

As you can see, it's supported underneath withtwo bits of Foamboard glued together for extra strength (so about 10mm) - which will be left painted black so it'll be hidden.

[Image: 20160805_101340-jpg.8501]

I also added some covers and pillows to the beds - made with watered down glue and tissue paper.

[Image: 20160805_103234-jpg.8502]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Nice details. Smile

Have you decided on a color scheme for your stonework yet? Classic grey? Do you intend to make the edges where the walls meet the floor a bit darker than the rest?
I'm going to prime in flat matt black (cheap car stuff Smile ) I was then going to hit the stone work in various random places with Burnt Sienna before doing most of the color with a Mid grey. It'll hopefully look very similar to the other brickwork I have done for previous comps.

BUT I have just picked up a yellow grey mix, it's like a darker version of Sandstone - I was thinking about using that as a Wash over the all the grey areas - then use a black again for between the bricks. I know that real stone isn't just grey.

I won;t have time, but the plan to make some cavern and sewer tiles will be later, but the caverns I want to be more sandstone color than grey. I may make up a tile that goes from the dungeon to the cavern style.

I also have a huge bag of sawdust which I'm planning on dying various shades greens for flock - so i'll add a little of that on the walls and between cracks as moss.
Started black priming everything.

[Image: 20160811_084946-jpg.8544]

I've since done all of it, but only took this pic (my hand was covered in paint Cry )
Keep it up. Smile

Looking forward to seeing this project cross the finish line.

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