Dungeon Tiles
This is looking great! Hope the party goes well Smile
Party was excellent fun...a lot of new prezzies and plenty of booze was consumed Smile

A mini update - All I have added here is another 'Corridor Tile' and I also saw the need for a new 'End Tile'

I'm gonna need a lot more methinks!

[Image: 20160718_082152-jpg.8344]
My original idea was to have 4 or so of each tile along with one or two special tiles...I nearly have the 4 of each!
[Image: 20160720_124952-jpg.8347]

These are ready for texturing and walling! 4 quarter circles, 2 more diagonals and one more corner - that'll bring my total up to 4 for each...except the 'End Tile' Only two of those.
[Image: 20160720_125032-jpg.8348]

and they are currently stacked like this! Smile
[Image: 20160720_125322-jpg.8349]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.

(The small 1x2 tiles are the small single passages between secret doors - they could even sit next to each other and double as 'Field Tiles')
My only comment would be that with tiles you always want to make as many as you possibly can to give you future options. Just keep making them until you can't stand it, then make a few more and squeak in under whatever deadline you've set for yourself. Smile

Seriously though, these are going to be great. Just make sure you document for yourself exactly how you paint them so that you can make more later that match if you ever want to.
Right, Summer school is out for the weekend - so I won;t be doing any more tiles until then. I might do some doors and furnishing in the meantime instead.

A few more tiles that I got ready for walling this morning.

[Image: 20160722_074024-jpg.8363]
Curved walling looks to be tricky. Does the material you were using bend?

Yes it can be bent just on it own - the scoring of the bricks actually helps that somewhat as well. It can even be heated and bent to the correct shape too!
Started the quarter tiles - waited until the glue had dried before trimming the ends.
[Image: 20160725_093707-jpg.8393]

This is all the tiles so far...still need a lot more - but it is looking rather tidy Smile
[Image: 20160725_093722-jpg.8389]

A Minis-Eye view...
[Image: 20160725_093742-jpg.8390]

Finished the 4 quarters.
[Image: 20160725_121919-jpg.8391]

...and added to the above...
[Image: 20160725_122238-jpg.8392]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated
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This is looking really cool. Smile

I'm surprised by how much I like the look of the rounded room mixed in with the others.

And the way your short walls suggest the confined spaces without getting in the way of play is great. Even though they are so short, they really sell corridors and rooms in ways that just tiles without them wouldn't.

Looking forward to seeing this progress.
Little update...

6 more tiles textured ready for walling - haven't decided what I want to do with the yet - I may conclude my "At least 4 of each" and see where we can go from there.
[Image: 20160728_081755-jpg.8439]

So the above 6 used the rest of the big board that I have - and I previously mentioned that it is from a reclaimed student project. But, it looks like they cut it with their teeth! Look at the edge that they left!
[Image: 20160728_074317-jpg.8436]

Totally unusable right...or not...Then I had an idea Smile Cut a 3" x 3" bit of thin cardstock and glued them to the opposite edges - add in a rickety wooden bridge - a ready to go chasm!
[Image: 20160728_074535-jpg.8437]
Please note that the bit of wooden paper is not how it will end up, I'll actually make a wooden bridge using the wood bits I have.

All textured up and walls added.
[Image: 20160728_080300-jpg.8438]

Note, this is also how i'll do my sewer tiles, but the walls will go along the long edges with the pit running along the middle...filled with 'goo' of course Big Grin

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
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