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(06-16-2016, 04:48 PM)BlueMeander Wrote: My bird is eating my work again.

Because it looks YUMMY!

I have a similar problem with my cat and reindeer moss trees. Often find trees in kitty bed, poop box, food bowl, and other misc kitty places.

(06-16-2016, 04:48 PM)BlueMeander Wrote: Have some tiny teabags...


(06-16-2016, 04:48 PM)BlueMeander Wrote: but as of this posting there seems to be no problems with Envirotech Lite and any of my polishes or foil.[/align]

YAY! This is all around great news. Unicorns rejoice!
This is looking particularly delicious! Reminds me of "Sugar Rush" from the Movie Wreck it Ralph...or maybe a Katy Perry Video Smile

I hope the resin works out! Big Grin
(06-16-2016, 06:44 PM)Tob Wrote: I have a similar problem with my cat and reindeer moss trees.  Often find trees in kitty bed, poop box, food bowl, and other misc kitty places.

(06-16-2016, 04:48 PM)BlueMeander Wrote: Have some tiny teabags...

Omg. XD  Dang cats! My bird likes to rip hunks out of foam bases. He made swiss cheese of a portion of my half-finished graveyard piece when he got on top of my bookcase. I trim his feathers now. It's annoying for him to chew on them, but also probably not healthy. My cat plays with/chews on my wire. >.> I don't like him to bat at it cause I just keep picturing it stabbing into his EYEBALL. 

Okay, I had to google "Superlative" because my mind thought "superfluous" and I was like u......u Oh.  [Image: Okay.png]
But then I did look it up and thank you! : D They are actually very simple, so I don't feel they really command that kind of praise. They're not even double folded or anything, but still, I appreciate it.

Also, DJ Mothra, (clearly not good at using forum quotes and stuff.) Thank you! Actually, Sugar Rush was probably my big inspiration. 

[Image: 13450122_10204643446924996_6834356200061814052_n.jpg]

The resin is working. But resin us boringly slow when you have to do more than just a plain pour. I'll probably have to spend the rest of today and maybe part of tomorrow doing boring stupid resin stuff and then I'll be done and take better pictures. 
Okay, so I'm basically done now. Just added some touch up resin on the bottom to make it not foggy. I sort of have mixed feelings about the resin. Obviously it was a complicated pour to do when I had puddles that were each lower than the first and needed to get them filled AND fill a slope mini-falls feature AND puddle out onto the ground in a controlled way that still looked like a free flow. Then again, I wish it was PERFECT like in my brain. But it's also really hard to get resin to do EXACTLY what you want sometimes. Especially because I'm not sure exactly what I wanted it to do. I just wanted it to be cool. Maybe that's why it didn't turn out perfectly. Because I didn't have a clear picture for what I wanted and was just going with it. There was stuff I did that I realised only after maybe I should have done differently. But I've learned what to do for next time anyway.

So considering how challenging it ended up being to do the pour (had to do like, 7 pours at all different angles, rearranging, tipping, and fussing with it every four hours or so.) So I'm not super displeased with it because technically it did not catch on fire, melt, or kill me in the process of construction. Any time that doesn't happen, I guess that's a success. Still there's always room for improvement though. So at least the next time I do something like this hopefully I'll approach it more gracefully.

[Image: IMG_2777.jpg]

So here is why I coat the bottom. Make it shinier.

[Image: IMG_2782.jpg]

If that's hard to see, here's my demo piece where I was trying it. After peeling it from the wax paper, I painted half with fresh resin and it really improves the situation (though I also see the flaws now XD It's okay though, I'm actually going to make this into a paperweight so it's just a casual, no big kind of thing if the water isn't perfect.)

[Image: IMG_2790.jpg]

I like the colors in the rainbow water up on the land. I have this fascination with rainbow liquid. When I was three or four I had a "Baby Brite" doll. It was one of those characters they jammed into Rainbow Brite in order to sell products to a new demographic and that demographic was me. Baby Brite came with a rainbow milk bottle and it was MAGIC to me when I was a child. I treasured it more than any other toy I had.

Later on, in adulthood, I ordered a NIB Baby Brite so I could get a new milk bottle and see what it was that had made magic rainbow milk. I opened it all up and got out the bottle and the 'milk' portion was dried up inside and looked like a booger glob of white glue. I realised that the dang doll was something like 30 years old. And that I was old. : ( But looking at the bottle, it turned out to be a sheet of rainbow plastic inside and the clear-ish 'milk' showed the rainbow from behind. It was actually pretty much a let down. I understood how easy kids are to impress at that exact moment.

...... Anyway.... rainbow water.... here we go:

[Image: IMG_2794.jpg]

So, admittedly, the water that pours out the bottom kind of annoys me because it's clear and it seems like it doesn't match the water up top. Like it's different water or something and looks wrong to me. Of course, logically, it should be that way. Rainbow water is clear and rainbow. The reason the water up top has the lavender-grey undertone is because it's on top of lavender-grey 'rocks'. So it makes logic, but I look at it and it doesn't look logic to me. And I also wasn't sure if I should have just stuck to glitter only in the spilled water and not used the foil. I think this is what I meant about not being sure how I wanted the water to go so not being sure if I like it or not.

Worst case scenario, I can always cut it off one day and pour it again.

But also, at least I like that it has a little body and movement going down the spillway. Its not just a thin glaze of resin. There's some thickness and flow to it.

[Image: IMG_2793.jpg]

Here it is, rippling out from the spillway with the strawberry vine dangling down. I might lift it up a tiny bit though. When I do the other finishing details  like add  more glitter, make sure all the wax paper is off, etc. The stuff before I photograph.

I really appreciate getting to learn about new techniques and materials. This project did both. Smile

This project really showcased your ability to work with diverse materials to achieve unique effects and your skill as a miniature craftperson.

I too loved the movie "Wreck it Ralph" and I feel you have taken that inspiration and run with it.

It is difficult for me to judge the particular techniques you achieved since so many of them are new to me, but I really like many of the effects you were able to achieve.

The chocolate looks perfectly "melty". The teacups, flowers, strawberries, and lollipops look delicious and well fabricated. Some of the cotton candy has nice subtle color variations in it, though other clumps look a little monotone for me.

As far as things that I might like to see a little differently, the size of the "sugar" granules dusting the tree leaves seems a bit too large and distracting for their size. I think this is only because I liked how they looked before the dusting even more. I have seen real candy that had the same ratio of granular coatings you ended up with , so this is probably just personal taste. Big Grin

The only thing I would really want to see changed would be the top surface of your water. I really like the layered iridescence of the rainbow stream you achieved, but, at least from the photos, it looks like the top surface is not very smooth. If it really is slightly lumpy, I would want the final surface to be nice and smooth, like flowing corn syrup. Perhaps a final thin pour of plain clear resin to even out the surface. I know you gave yourself a challenging pour on this project with lots of effort needed to work around different levels, and as one who has never attempted working with resin, I can only imagine the difficulty you set yourself, but that's what I find myself wanting. If the surface is actually smooth on top, please ignore these comments. Wink

All that said, I really find this project "sweet" in all senses of the word. Tongue

Thank you for joining our contest and sharing your work with us. Smile
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Thank you for your comments, Ableman! To explain the water, it's glass smooth in the pond areas and the water becomes bumpier and textured right where it comes out of the spillway so it has movement coming down the slope and right where it comes out to join the 'puddle' that has poured off the piece. The spilled puddle that lays on the table is flat and smooth on top, the same way the ponds on the terrain are, but is less perfect around the edges. I actually did pour a smoothing coat over that part for the final piece after taking the photograph you see here in the WIP, but I did not photograph that section in detail in my final 5 images. (I didn't actually think of doing what you and the others did by making a collage image!) It could be that some of the bumpy effect you see is due to my so-so photography skills or a visual effect created by the texture of the water bed or the shapes the foils made on it when I laid them on. Or you may be referring to the aforementioned edge of the 'puddle' which is not my favorite part. There was the original pour, then I did smoothing pours that subsequently poured over the first pour and which I trimmed by hand, then repoured, then trimmed, then painted over bits of resin to try to fill and smooth them, then did a final smoothing pour. The adjustments I kept making to the edge of the puddle really made it look less graceful than I imagined. Well, live and learn, right? Haha. You know, I just now realised that I probably should have smoothed it with a dremel instead of trying to make fine razor cuts and painting on a thick bit of resin, hoping it would self level. I should totally go attack it with a dremel bit and then thinly paint on more resin to give it back that gloss.

Also... a matter of "taste" haha. Loves me a pun.

Thanks for being in our contest to you too! XD haha.
I have to say that even though this is so completely different than anything I could have possibly thought of, there is something just right about it. All the little details fit well together and I particularly like the glittery water. I never use resins so seeing it on finished pieces is always nice. Well done with this especially with how quick you busted it out.

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