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Armorcast Re-releases Gothic Chapel Model with Extras
[Image: 800L-500x500.jpg]

This highly detailed kit provides modular chapel pieces to build a complete Gothic CHapel that measures approximately 7" x 10". The pieces can be used as a complete Gothic Chapel or as separate Chapel pieces. Also in this kit has the full collection of interior detail components. The kit contains:

ACC010 Cathedral Straight Wall - 2 kits

ACC011 Cathedral Corner

ACC012 Cathedral Front Door w/ Door and Rose Window

ACC013 Cathedral End Wall w/ Rose Window

ACC019 Chapel / Cathedral Altar

ACC020 Cathedral Pews (8 pieces)

ACC021 Cathedral stained Glass

ACID061 Abbey Chair (4 pcs)

ACID063 Bookstand (2 pcs)

ACID062 Podium (2 pcs)

Cast in resin.

Model sculpted in 28 mm scale by Shawn Luxand supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Sold seperately this model sells for over two-hundred dollars.

Also, I have changed the name for the model to a Chapel. I am working on making an even larger cruciform Cathedral. I will post pics of the progress shortly.

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