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I think I wanted to ask this and don't know if I did (and if I did I can't find it in search.) But can anyone recommend a lighting kit? I've gotten some mini kits before that included terrain, laser cut wood pieces, fabrics, crap like that to make your whole tiny scene and they come with a battery pack, wires, and two bare LED bulbs to add in to your scene. That's great but I'd like to know what I could use in my other scenes that I create from scratch. Particularly in something like my hat shop I did, once I close up the forced perspective window to give it a finishing look, without a light in there, the whole effect will be lost.

Can anyone recommend a link where I can buy a basics kit? Something to get me started being able to put some lights into pieces and learn how.


Those two articles are very useful for starting out with wiring LED lights.

I don't know of any kits. Sometimes you can get cheap battery powered lights for Christmas villages and such from various craft stores.
(05-11-2016, 03:17 PM)BlueMeander Wrote: Can anyone recommend a link where I can buy a basics kit?

I'd save the cash and just buy electronic components.  A quick trip to Radio Shack will provide you with battery holders, switches, LEDs, resistors, and the ilk.  However, you will have to buy a soldering iron (and solder) if you don't already have one.  I suppose this also means that you'll have to learn to solder if you already don't know how, but it isn't anything outside the realm of your capabilities.   This tool and skill will pay for itself.

Of course, you can buy this stuff online if you no longer have a Radio Shack in your location.  

This may seem daunting at first ("Oh noes! I can haz to learn ELECTRONICS!") but I assure you it's not, and you'll be able to do FULLY CUSTOMIZED lighting for your projects and not be limited to any prewired kit shenanigans. I mean, you build from scratch, so illuminate from scratch, nicht wahr?
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If you have a hobby shop nearby that carries model railroad supplies, check out the new like of products by Woodland Scenics. They have a whole system of LEDs and power supplies to light the interiors of scale buildings. These include single and multiple light kits. Not cheap, but a comprehensive package that can get you started, with a minimum of angst. After you become comfortable with installing them, you can do what Tob suggested and make your own from discreet parts (though I imagine the WS power supplies would be a good bet to continue using). If you can't find them locally, you can check their website, or order from Walthers website at www.walthers.com.

I've purchased some in the past, I think just from someone off of eBay.

The length of the wiring to the battery was not a good fit for my project though; plus it used a large 9 volt which is hard to conceal on a miniature piece. So, it was very limiting. You probably are better off making your own... everyone I've talked to says it's not as hard as it seems.

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