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Ok, we're getting there slowly - have made a little progress...but there is an issue...another crafting project that's been worked over the last 9 months decided to finish a week early... Big Grin

Here he is, with my previous craft some 4 and a half years ago Big Grin

[Image: 20160618_115258-jpg.8160]

Anyway, back the task in hand...painted up the tracks and weathered the wooden bits with Army painter Dark Tone. Added grass - made with split bamboo. The Barrel is from Renedra, Hammer is Mantic and the beer bottles are plastic off cuts.

[Image: 20160620_134312-jpg.8174]

[Image: 20160620_134319-jpg.8173]

Still more to do - need to add a glow effect on the gems (will get Airbrush out for that) and some 'frost' along with some icicles. Also just noticed that i need to finish some of the track sleepers too >.<

Anyway C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
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[Image: 20160620_143400-jpg.8175]

Glue will dry clear - you know that already Smile
Congratulations! Wink
Haha! Congratulations! better look at your project later, just wanted to pop in and congratulate you all.
Your 1-to-1 scale modeling is amazing. Big Grin

Congratulations. Smile
My understanding is that such projects can sometimes take 18+ years. Best of luck.

(And nice mine by the way. Smile)
(06-20-2016, 03:01 AM)djmothra Wrote: ...another crafting project that's been worked over the last 9 months decided to finish a week early.

Nice. And I have to say the formula in the bottle is a BRILLIANT effect. Really helps to sell the whole piece. Presumably the scale is 1:1?

lol XD
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Ok...these are potentially my final entries for this comp what with Time zones and babies and wotnot - I know we're only allowed 5 - AND I know I have to actually enter enter on the other thread too Smile

But here we go...

[Image: 20160621_102822-jpg.8177]

[Image: 20160621_102845-jpg.8178]

[Image: 20160621_102943-jpg.8179]

[Image: 20160621_103134-jpg.8180]

[Image: 20160621_104600-jpg.8181]

[Image: mashup-jpg.8182]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated
I guess I will say honestly that I'm not really sure about the split bamboo as grass. It does seem a little thick and stiff. But then again, your piece does have a sort of stylized feel from the shine of the crystals to the bold and almost imposing shape and lean of the structure so the thickness of the grass could lend toward that. Maybe that's what you were going for. I still stand by my comment that the roof color looks great and the treatment you did with the paint is really nice. The snow you put on there-- that was new since last update, right? Well it's awesome. I pictured this as sort of a 'deep in the mountains' sort of thing, but now with the snow I see it as a remote, mountaintop mine in sort of a precarious place with who knows what in there and who knows how long since someone made it out that far.

The bottles on the barrel are great too. Something like that outside of a mine feels like every Elderscrolls release I've played--- and I loves me some Elderscrolls so that is a very, very good and fun association for me to make with this build. : )
Congratulations djmothra on your lovely baby boy! Now you can begin the indoctrination, get a brush in his hand and paints in the other. Big Grin

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