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Sand added to the base - for now, the base is basically done - I still a lot of things to add, but they'll be done after priming and painting.

[Image: 20160610_175908-jpg.8111]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated,
It's looking good so far. I like that you have variation in the size of your base material, but I think you could push that variation even more, especially when it comes to small stones. 
Right - this is actually coming along quicker than expected. Also, I have decided not to rebase my Dwarves, they look fine as is. I will need to redo the crystals though.

Ok, first up - just black sprayed (tower is for reference and copying)

[Image: 20160613_102430-jpg.8124]

Stippled on Burnt Sienna first, then a homemade grey over the top - all using a sponge.

[Image: 20160613_103624-jpg.8125]

Popped my dwarves back in to have a quick check...looking good!!

[Image: 20160613_103845-jpg.8126]

Things left to do:

Cyrstals, Frost, Mushrooms, Wooden Entrance, sundry Items, make some temporary blanks for the holes, mushrooms, mine track, buffers, mushrooms, dry grass (maybe) and mushrooms.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Started on the main wooden areas - using balsa 'tongue depressors'. They need some 'rope' added and then stained.

I've also decided to add a small roof - I'll make in a similar style to Tower I made previously.

[Image: 20160613_184538-jpg.8128]

Its currently drying on my shelf.

[Image: 20160613_184547-jpg.8129]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Ok, roof tiles on - the roof hasn't been glued down yet so was a delicate operation as I had to make sure it fitted nicely against the rock face. Tiles are just cereal packet card cut out individually.

[Image: 20160615_093646-jpg.8133]

Based in black then sponge stippled with a bright red.

[Image: 20160615_103510-jpg.8134]

Start of the sleepers going off into the distance...

[Image: 20160615_110052-jpg.8137]

Buffers for the end of the track, along with one of those red lights that tell you where the end is Smile

[Image: 20160615_110105-jpg.8136]

Still a bit to do, but we're on the final leg I think.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Where is that red light going to go? It seems like an electric railroad technology and less of a dwarf / medieval / fantasy artifact. Plus daylight at the entrance is a huge clue the end of the track is nigh.

It's an Oil Lampion Smile I was going to attach it directly to the buffers.

Something like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=oil+lampion&client=firefox-b&biw=1198&bih=643&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQ04qkvKnNAhVBE5QKHeorBGYQ_AUICCgD#tbm=isch&q=railway+oil+lampion

Or, more like this...
[Image: train-buffer-wooden-end-railway-track-42809315.jpg]

Yes, the end of the tunnel is very visible - I was toying with the idea of black card and draw a little more track slowly fading into the darkness. If not, I'll just have to get creative with my final picture angles.
Ok, tracks in - had to add 2 more sleepers for the buffer to sit on (forgot about that) - I also did a little carving on the Oil Lampion. The tracks are thin cut (3mm) PVC Foamboard.

[Image: 20160615_153535-jpg.8138]

The view 'out' from down in the mine.

[Image: 20160615_153544-jpg.8139]

You can see 3 of my hole fillers here - one is a rock, the other a sign made from the same wood as the rest - the other is going to be a big mushroom.

[Image: 20160615_153601-jpg.8140]

C&Cs welcome and stuff.
I'm really liking this project djmothra. Keep it up! Smile

I can't wait to see how you weather the sleepers and stop. I'm imagining some grays from age and exposure.

Regarding the tracks themselves, if it's not too late, I would sand the tops of the foam strips a bit. Even if you plan to make them rusty, the tops should be smooth and partially rounded on the sides, like the top of a loaf of bread. If the mine is still active, the sides of the rails would be rusty while the tops would be polished ans silver looking.

Looking forward to seeing your progress. Less than a week to go!  Good luck. Smile
It's cool seeing how you made that styrofoam stuff work so well! I never really thought of covering it up. I get medicine delivered in a cooler made fo that stuff each month and I feel so bad throwing it away (It also takes up the whole dang can!) but I was never sure how I could use it effectively in terrain. I never thought of smoothing it with a cover like you did. Maybe now I'll try to do something with some of it some time.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I really like the paint job on the roof shingle/tiles. It's looking great!

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