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Hope your family emergency is as good as can be.
Family emergency was a tad over dramatic. More of a short notice call for help. Help has been helped. Harper's Ferry is beautiful - so we are making the most of it while we are here. Heading back north on monday.
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Glad it's not that bad. Enjoy yourself!
Also, please show me at some point how you planned to paint that palm tree! Really into that.
(06-18-2016, 03:11 AM)BlueMeander Wrote: Also, please show me at some point how you planned to paint that palm tree! Really into that.

I poked the wire into a scrap piece of foam-core with the leaves all facing the same direction. 

I sprayed one side with dark green spray paint. 

Flipped it over and sprayed the other side with a lighter green. 

That is as far as I got. The plan was to go in with a paintbrush and some yellow paint to add a little more detail once the trees where fully assembled. 

At this point I just have a whole bunch of unfinished trees sitting in a box. 

Shame you can't get this one done - I hope the fam "help needed" was sorted ok.

That being said, TG does (or at least used to) have comps deliberately for finishing "that thing you didn't quite get done in a previous comp" Smile
Thanks, Seth-- I showed my kid your palms and they were like... I WANT TO MAKE THOSE. I figured with shapes like that, something like spray can or airbrushing would probably be the way to go. I don't have airbrushing stuff though-- but it does seem like there are some entry models that are not TOO expensive. Maybe one day!
It may be easier/more forgiving to paint them if green painter's tape was used.

Don't know if that's a thing Stateside though..
I feel like I've seen green painters tape before. I wouldn't imagine it'd be that rare. You know, another thought-- after looking at Ableman's Egyptian washi tape, you could probably find some sort of printed washi tape that'd be cool for that too.
Green painters tape is a thing here. I only had the blue one when I started. It was meant to be one of several tests. The other idea was to use brown packing tape - which I failed to find around the house. I think that might have given a better effect - providing that the paint actually adhered to the surface. We are in Pittsburg now - gonna be heading home first thing in the morning... I wonder if I might be able to get "something" finished in time......... Undecided

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