Post apocalyptic scenery for 3D printers
[Image: qSdjY2H.jpg]
Hi everyone!

New Kickstarter campaign to design post apocalyptic scenery for 3D printing! We are two 3D designers working from Barcelona and this is our first attempt at producing scenery.

At Thunder Chrome we want to offer you the chance to fill up your tables with amazingly detailed post apocalyptic scenery at a ridiculously cheap price. We want you to say goodbye to balsa wood and glue. Say hello to 3D printing, say hello to Thunder Chrome. Here is the link to the campaign:

If you have a 3D printer and you are into post apocalyptic wargames this is your chance to fill up your table with modular buildings that can be printed over and over again. Our models are designed to work for 28-32mm scale but they can be scaled up and down at will. We have three pledge levels (20-40-60 euros) and in each of them you get several models to combine and stack. Our Facebook page has all the information about us and we post every update there for you to follow.

Kind regards,

Hi everyone! We have finished the Kickstarter campaign successfully! If you still want to pledge you can do it in the late pledge option right here! And here some more of our products printed and painted. 

[Image: ZjUHvX6.jpg]
[Image: 4SOQ09O.jpg]

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