Booby Trap
09:13 Grabbed a piece of insulation foam, a ruler and a pen.

I cut out the hill and plinth with a hot wire cutter. 
I Drew out a grid pattern and used a hobby knife and pen to score the tiles. 
I used a toothpick to make the holes in middle of each tile. 
I pushed a piece of broken concrete into the surface to texture it. 
[Image: 26527209575_3dd1eda947.jpg]

Back to the hotwire cutter to cut out the recesses for the stairs. 
I used a pen to score details into the plinth.
[Image: 26434879892_48b06e4039.jpg]

Staircases where constructed from a scrap piece of foamcore. 
I raided my bits box for a suitable victim. 
[Image: 26527209655_da3a885437.jpg]

I coated the sides in fast drying wood glue which I sprinkled with sawdust and small stones. 
When this dried I coated the whole thing in a few coats of watered down PVA 
Once dry the whole thing was undercoated with a mix of PVA and brown paint. 
[Image: 25922264684_a87c539aa0.jpg]

Waiting for glue to dry....
What's the chewed up 'Rounders' Ball for? Wink
I took an hour off, to mow the lawn while the glue dried in the sun. I accidentally ran over the baseball hidden in the long grass. It made an impromptu weight to hold the piece still against the wind.

So I slapped on some paint and let that dry overnight. I spent the morning out on the deck adding some vegetation:
[Image: 26516418756_c99f2174e7.jpg]

It's not the greatest piece I have ever produced. It will however be finished on time!
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