Burial mound / Barrow
Well I will give this one a stab Big Grin

The plan is to build an ancient barrow / burial mound with a stone built opening into the depths of the burial site! I may even try and build it so the top can be removed for some interior modelling, time dependant. The main feature of this will be the opening into the burial chamber.

It will be built for 28mm scale and will be used as a ground feature, obstacle, cover or good old fashioned looting site for skirmish wargaming!

This is the kind of thing I am looking at:


Very cool -- an removable top piece to piles of corpses would be awesome if you can squeeze it in.
I once saw a similar piece in a lord of the rings strategy magazine. Thy where building the hill chambers near Tom Bombadils home. They had a removable top as well and the piece looked simple but very nice. I'm curious what you will bring up.
Are you going to run with this idea?

If not I might take a bash at it. I have not made any terrain in over three years so This would be a nice warm up piece.
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