Mediterranean Island Pirate Mega-Map ReaperCon 2012
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@ pendrake - I will have to take a look at those scenarios. I have never played the game that will be using these maps (Warlord), so I have just been winging things on general game design principles.

I think you have got the business of the unwanted yellow sorted out. Although I was never able to see the problem, it looks subtly better now.

I presume they've sent you the link to the scenarios?

Link is about 3/4ths down in the first post in the thread. I guess everyone following along might be interested as well.
14 DAYS...


The difference before and after the ink wash looks pretty subtle in these pics, but it was a huge difference in reality.

You can see the change a little bit in the images. Here are two pics from before the wash.

[Image: 15814574310_bb97b4c9be_o.jpg]

[Image: 15999865701_05f386c44e_o.jpg]


And here are two from after the wash.

[Image: 15379579494_d19082940b_o.jpg]

[Image: 16001149722_9423d0c1f3_o.jpg]


It was like going from most of the map looking like this:

[Image: 15976047046_ffccb53784_o.jpg]


To having most of the map look more like this:

[Image: 15814573850_9575f2c37b_o.jpg]
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ableman33, I don't always post here on TG. With twin baby boys and a full time teaching job, I'm not actively building anything right now. I love learning from and being inspired by the efforts of others. I love the look of all the projects you have shared, but even more than that I appreciate the way you share what you learn as you move through a project. Thanks for posting and sharing.


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One thing about you Ableman33 is that no matter the issue you always over come it. You haven't posted anything that had any major issues. Granted, you might have a pile of discarded terrain experiments in the corner some where that we have never seen   Big Grin  but I doubt it. So it is no surprise to me that you are over coming the color issue, and I'm sure that this will turn out even better than you last project. Even though you only have about 9 days left (you forgot to account for wife / job distractions)   Smile

Thanks Scotty the man and wdlanghans.

I enjoy teaching, and sharing my experiences. For me, every project is a chance to try something new. I do not think I am capable of figuring something out, then just repeating that one thing over and over without any variations.

Of course, always trying new things means lots of opportunities to learn from your mistakes.   Big Grin

I think I enjoy telling the stories of my terrain building mishaps more than sharing techniques that work out well.

At the very least, writing about my troubles makes it easier to laugh than to cry.   Big Grin

I am glad that others take the same enjoyment in reading about my terrain building adventures that I take in sharing them.   Smile
A little more progress. With the main island coloring done to my satisfaction, it is safe for me to start work on the water. My plan is to try to paint the flat plywood to look like the bright blue/turquoise water in some of my inspiration pics, then paint over everything with some clear caulk to give it some texture and gloss with a little bit of white caulk added here and there for wave crests and foam.

Keeping everything flat will make placement of boats and units much easier.

I am going to wait until the very last to apply the caulk though. That will give me time to glue down any terrain elements like the shipwreck or sea monsters. Waiting will also let me apply any flocking without having to worry about it sticking electrostatically to the caulked surfaces.

To get the water started, I painted all the exposed plywood with a layer of bright blue paint. This layer acts mostly as a primer to cover up the irregularly stained dark plywood and give the later water paint layers an even bright surface to work with.

Trying to get some variation in the coloration without having any surface details to bring out with dry brushing will be a challenge.

[Image: 15814573840_af29349c0d_o.jpg]

[Image: 16001827745_1e3fe60713_o.jpg]

[Image: 15816088947_b95c1ef740_o.jpg]

[Image: 15816088927_8cb453a9df_o.jpg]

[Image: 15814448438_2769e06a30_o.jpg]


Even with as cartoony as this single color looks, adding it made a dramatic transition to the board. Everything seems brighter now. I can almost feel the bright Mediterranean sunlight shining down.

I am going to need to spend some time making this water look decent so that it matches the over all tone of the island. As it stands now, it might be a bit tricky to bring in my piratey elements. I keep seeing my pirates laying around in lounge chairs sipping fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them. (Some of those fruity drinks have rum in them at least, right?)  Wink
I also made a little progress on my shipwreck.

I added a bit of elevation to the deck at the bow.

[Image: 15814573810_cae39b18d1_o.jpg]


I also hollowed out the part of the hull where the ship struck the rocks.

Using my chisel, I carved out a large cavity. I made the inside of the hole larger than the entrance (leaving about a 1 cm thick layer of foam to give the sides strength) so that the interior of the ship will look hollow.

I plan to shrink the hole opening a little bit further when I clad the ship by edging the hole with broken planks. Hopefully I will have the time to use this small space for a little "Easter egg" like an octopus of some other sea creature that has made this part of the wreck its home.

[Image: 15816088867_2c8f3c20bb_o.jpg]

[Image: 15379579284_f683f7633b_o.jpg]


I have also started work on a broken mast, but pics will have to wait until the glue I have coating the splintered top dries.

Off to sleep, then more building tomorrow.   Big Grin
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Quote:ableman33 said:
At the very least, writing about my troubles makes it easier to laugh than to cry.   Big Grin

That, right there should be the TG motto!

And... adding the blue just set everything off. WOW   Smile

Quote:Eldarac said:
We appreciate the updates and that you take time out of your work to make the updates.

It is somewhat humorous that the flat colored water base has about the same color as the foam you started with, even though it is on plywood.   Big Grin

I tell you, if I were much closer to Texas, I'd go to ReaperCon just to see these pieces in real life and in play.

Great work. I really hope the players appreciate the amount of time and effort that has gone into these pieces. I know many of us here at TG have a good idea of the effort involved.

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This whole project just gets better and better. This really looks amazing!!!

Im only about 3 and half hours away from Denton, hopefully I'll convince my wife to let me head up there to see it in person   Smile  Doubtful though...   Sad

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Logging on here and seeing an update to your thread brightens the day. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
13 DAYS...


I am glad you all are enjoying this journey with me. Welcome to the party.  Dancing

Things are going to speed up a bit and get a bit more chaotic as I bounce around to different parts of the project to try and make good use of my time.


First off, I decided to cut a cargo hatch into the deck of the shipwreck to allow more light into the little Easter egg I have planned for inside. This hatch will also enable views into the inside from two different directions.

I am currently planning to have an octopus draped over a pile of gold coins in here.

After I cut out the cargo hatch, I widened the interior even more, cleaning up the insides, making things a bit more flat, and the walls and deck a bit more even in thickness.

[Image: 15814573780_6de73a1625_o.jpg]

[Image: 15382207213_9ba587a74a_o.jpg]

[Image: 15976056076_0ac6f2441e_o.jpg]

With the shaping on the ship done, I gave everything a coat of PVA to toughen it up and protect the foam in case I decide to use spray paint for the interior.


While the glue was drying on the shipwreck, I added my first pass of lighter paint to break up the monolithic look of the water. This paint was brushed on roughly parallel to the shorelines to help simulate wave action.

I plan to add at least one more layer of even lighter blue paint applied in this same fashion. Depending on how things look, I may decide to go over everything with a diluted turquoise paint applied with a sponge. After that I will leave things alone until I am ready for the caulk.

[Image: 15382207203_f2e3899680_o.jpg]

[Image: 15999865221_f10f9c2970_o.jpg]

[Image: 15815832789_24b917572a_o.jpg]


While still a bit rough and abstract, the water is already starting to look better.

A bit of a break, then back to work.   Big Grin
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I realy like the look of the sponge painting, tis is going to be some realy good looking water.   Big Grin

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The shipwreck is looking great.
A little more progress.

I painted the shipwreck brown to color the inside and cover any gaps in my planking.

I then started on covering everything with some 1/32" balsa and basswood. The stiffer stronger basswood will be used around the broken opening.

[Image: 16001831525_9e8e333f78_o.jpg]

[Image: 15815836989_4175a46603_o.jpg]

[Image: 15816092687_079660e3e4_o.jpg]


I also added some light blue to my water, then washed over everything with some extremely diluted turquoise paint (7 drops of paint to a shot glass of water). The "wash" did help soften things a bit. I may go back and do it again one more time before I am satisfied.

[Image: 16001153392_6e416a10c5_o.jpg]

[Image: 15814452238_c27829ab9e_o.jpg]


That is about all I will be able to get done today as I am busy until bedtime. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish the water and the wreck so I can spend the rest of my remaining time before the convention on other details.

I am considering making all my pirate details separate pieces. If I do so, it would make future use of this map much more flexible. Any ideas or feelings about that?
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I would definitely put the pirate stuff on separate bases.

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