Jase-0's Scavvies
Cool, I can post images from Yaktribe  Big Grin here are some Necromunda Scavvies that I'm working on...

[Image: imag0063-jpg.3461]

[Image: imag0070-jpg.3581]

[Image: imag0072-jpg.3589]

[Image: imag0073-jpg.3590]

[Image: imag0087-jpg.3656]

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)
(12-21-2014, 04:44 AM)djmothra Wrote: Cool, I can post images from Yaktribe  :D here are some Necromunda Scavvies that I'm working on...

[Image: imag0063-jpg.3461]

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

Two questions: what are Skavies? And is Yaktribe an image hosting service?
My favorites are the black-washed pair from the first image. I have a whole Reven Army like that.

Scavvies are a gang/faction from the old GW Game Necromunda - they are typically scavengers and make use of Zombies.
Yaktribe is not a pic hosting site, it is another forum that I use to post pics (mainly minis) for Necromunda and Mordheim.

I've not actually finished the minis yet. they are just grey-scaled - i'll be adding some wash colors to them later.
Hey, I know some of those zombies! Except mine have less guns. Tongue
Yes, right now a mix of Mantic KoW Zombies & Ghouls along with some Deadzone Zombies.

[Image: imag0112-jpg.3732]
A Deadzone Plague - head replaced with a KoW zombie.

[Image: imag0115-jpg.3734]
A bit of a Kitbash here - KoW Ghoul Legs, Deadzone Zombie torso, Deadzone Goblin Sniper head, GW Free Company arms and Blunderbuss with some old cut up plastic Doily wings.

[Image: imag0111-jpg.3731]

Making a scenic carry / display board for my gang - early stages right now  Smile
[Image: imag0109-jpg.3729]

C&Cs welcome!
Doily Wings?

Call me intrigued and please explain further. What does one of these doilies look like before it is cut up (amd what is it made of?)

A Doily is a floral designed decorative mat (usually) made of paper or cloth.
When I moved into my apartment they had an old one under the glass coffee table top - which my daughter delights in ripping bits off...I saw the shape of the leaves (the wings are the 'leaf' part of the design) and though, "They'd be perfect Insect style wings"
This particular one has got some kind of plastic coating on it (perhaps to waterproof it?), so the wings are quite rigid - I have added some more PVA glue over the top (and to help the paint stick)
A Scavvie update!

[Image: imag0380-jpg.5348]

2 Zombies - Mantic DZ ones this time.

[Image: imag0381-jpg.5349]

3 Original GW Scavvies from the 90's

[Image: imag0382-jpg.5354]

Scavvie made from the Mantic DZ Zombie set with some arm repositioning and a resin AK-47.

[Image: imag0384-jpg.5356]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated as alwas.
Man, I love those old sculpts!
Yes, those old sculpts really do stand the test of time - sadly, I only have those 3 Sad

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