Snow Question
Hi, long time lurker here and I seem to post once every two or three years or so, I don't think I have posted since the forums have changed.

I am starting to make a new battlefield for 40k and I have a problem I am running into.

 I need a cost effective way to make snow. The setting is going to be a snowy planet and I need a way to make a lot of snow effects without spending hundreds of dollars on snow modeling kits. The snow kits that I see in all the hobby stores cost far too much for far to little snow and I am looking for a better solution. Anyone have some suggestions for me?

I've seen people use baking soda
and other grainy materials.
You can use almost anything,
paint it white and weather it.
Others will no doubt have some ideas.
I stipple white paint over sand - for drifts, I make a mix of white chalk dust and PVA glue.
I would imagine a really fine sand (the type that gets used in children's sand pits) would work quite well. Most of the really fine stuff is already a whitish colour so painting it would be a breeze.
Woodland Scenics makes a good snow flock product. I have used it before. Put down some glue; sift the 'snow' onto it; wait for glue to cure; tilt to shake away excess.

Another possibility is superglue with baking soda sifted onto it. The superglue cures rock hard when the baking soda lands on it. End result is bright white and grainy.

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