LOTR / Hobbit Inspiration
I recently had the chance to go to the Hobbiton movie set whilst on vacation to New Zealand. I took a bunch of photos but I figured I would post some in here in case anyone makes terrain based around it. It was pretty cool to see it up close.

Random Hobbit Holes:

[Image: DSCF8233.jpg]
[Image: DSCF8235.jpg]
[Image: DSCF8231.jpg]

Random Garden - most of it is real plants/veges but there is still some fakery going on:

[Image: DSCF8242.jpg]
Here is some close up detail around the Hobbit holes:

[Image: DSCF8421.jpg]
[Image: DSCF8353.jpg]

A random Scarecrow:

[Image: DSCF8336.jpg]

Even though this was in New Zealand, they had imported a massive amount of English flowers and plants to give it the right flavour.

Here's Bilbo's House:

[Image: DSCF8386.jpg]
The whole construction was a pretty fascinating story.

For instance (I'll try and find a photo), the oak tree growing on Bilbo's house was made by hand (steel and plaster etc) and painted by hand. The leaves were individually cut, painted and sewn on (then repainted when Peter Jackson wasn't happy with the colour).

All the ponds were man made and the frogs had to be collected and moved during filming because they made too much noise!
Thank you for these! They have already inspired a thought in my mind.

For a split second there I wondered if you may in fact be Geoff Sims (AKA Fimm McCool) who also recently underwent a journey to Hobbiton. Then I remembered that you're an Aussie.

Perhaps you crossed paths with he and his lovely wife? Super talented people, the pair of 'em.

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