Frostgrave Mirador Tower
My second entry to this competition - closely resembles the Observatory, but this time is a tower with a small Turret or Mirador on the side.

These will be used in the Skirmish game Frostgrave - so will have a semi-snow or ice covering over it to match my existing terrain.

This is the Mirador Tower - here is rough sketch of what I want it to look like:

[Image: imag0557-jpg.6634]

Here is the first pic of the main materials used:
[Image: imag0560-jpg.6635]

It is based on an old scratched CD. The Polystyrene was packing from somewhere. The Pringles were bought after a night out on the pop and eaten whilst watching Close Encounters. The Turret is going to be a Bog-standard toilet roll *groan* The only other main component here will be some cardstock from an old cornflakes packet.

The Polystyrene has had the candle treatment to get rid of the bobbles and make it a little smoother and easier to paint.

This will be a similar build to my old Wizard Tower / Pen holder build many moons ago.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated!
Added the Mirador (Turret) as well as door and windows.

Doors and windows are artboard and curved around a pencil so it fits flush against the cylinders.

[Image: imag0562-jpg.6645]

and Back
[Image: imag0563-jpg.6646]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Nowt to do on a Sat'dee night, so sat down with a few cans and started bricking it... tower that is! Most of the bricks are carnflakes packet card, approx 1cm x .5cm - I wasn't very accurate with the measuring and cutting though, so the bricks are kinda random. There are a few off cuts from the door and windows that are bricks 'sticking out a bit'.

[Image: imag0566-jpg.6666]

End after 2 beers and an hour or so...
[Image: imag0567-jpg.6667]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated Smile
Some more card-stock bricks added to the main body and side.

[Image: imag0568-jpg.6694]

I have also made some homemade 'Tufts' for adding to the bases as and when I want.

[Image: imag0569-jpg.6695]

These were made using a similar technique that Luke Towan at Boulder Creek Railroad uses - although, I didn't use the static applicator, but it looks very similar. The grass is made from an old split bamboo brush.

DIY Static Grass Tufts – Model Railroad – How-to

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Ok, bricking for the Mirador Tower done - along with the door. Made with the same cardstock as the bricks.

The Front.
[Image: imag0575-jpg.6740]

..and the Back.
[Image: imag0576-jpg.6739]

All of the 'white bricks' are double thickness compared to the 'grey' ones to break up surface.


I can do the roof of the Mirador very easy (done it before) BUT, I need help working out how to cut the roof of the main tower - as the turret juts into it - there must be some Maths out there that can help me make it correctly.


C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
No need to overcomplicate with math.

Just eyeball it:
[Image: 20160118_092219_zpse0m8rhaa.jpg]

Grab some scrap paper and experiment. ^ that took me under 5 minutes.

It doesn't have to look perfect - it's gonna be covered in shingles right?
Yes, I did think about just getting some paper and doing that - perhaps I'm trying to over-complicate the build Smile
...and yes, shingles / rough roof tiles will be going over the top - hide any gaps with those.

Don't forget snow! Snow hides all manner of sins!

Frostgrave is all about the snow. Maybe you can even try out Melly's icicles.
Where are The Wenches Icicles?

here is a quick pic of my current FG Scenery - It's been 'frosted' no actual clumps of snow - although, I could do them.

[Image: imag0556-jpg.6564]

But I def want Icicles hanging from the bottom of the Mirador. I was contemplating using Hot Glue to make them (Sadly, no water effects here - not that I've EVER found anyway...)
Part 3 of the wizards tower walk-through: Accessories

Take a hot glue gun with a clear type glue

make streaks of glue on a piece of metal

let dry - pry off - glue on to building.
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