Frostgrave Observatory
Yeah, I have tons of the things - I collect them from my students after they break them.

Added the top 'opening' part - used an old plastic egg - cut to the right size. Its everso slightly larger, but that's fine. I added some extra of the 'lip' under the egg, to look like the rails.

[Image: imag0623-jpg.6987]

Any other suggestions before I start painting?

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
Little update - primed black.

[Image: imag0627-jpg.7006]

Ideas for the base include some dry grass, mushrooms, crystals, barrels, perhaps a spare cog - can you think of anything else?

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)
[Image: imag0629-jpg.7009]

Started stippling on burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna.
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I didn't think I'd actually get this one done in time - but I think I will, def on the home straight anyway Smile

I did try the Verdigris thing, it didn;t look that great - so i'll just leave this one as it is - perhaps revisit with the turquise in the future.

[Image: imag0635-jpg.7045]

I've since finished off the door and started on the shield above it - split down the middle yellow and blue color (perhaps with a star in the middle)

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.

I think it needs some kind of staircase though...
Looking good.

Perhaps some snow and/or ice would be an appropriate addition.
Oh yeah, I meant, I think I'm done with the main body - it def needs some icicles and some more work done on the base though. 2 days to go right?

Regarding stairs - I did think about adding them - I even collected some real flat bits of slate that would work, but I decided to make some removable wooden ladders and walkways for these instead.

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