Please make any comments on the final entries here. Smile  
All the entries are so good this time! Choosing one is going to be tough!
(12-21-2015, 08:07 PM)extraevildave Wrote: Please make any comments on the final entries here. Smile  

Extraevildave's Motel California. Love the rust effects and funky sixties font on the TV. My favorite.

Lunarion's Bocage - I really like foot prints and track prints in the mud in the road. Very nice details. I'd suggest more shades of green in the bocage, and less red. Otherwise, really nice.

Extraevildave's Abandoned Gas Station. Great detail in the signs and advertisements and the sloped shape of the roof is perfect. And the peeling siding on the roof is a nice effect also.
A simple and nicely done entry.  The walls are nicely textured and highlighted as is the surrounding ground, looks dry and dusty as you would expect and the magnetic tree is such a good idea.  As usual (for me anyway) it’s the little details that give a piece of terrain life, so in this case it’s the different layers in the windows, the stones marking the pathways at the archways, the graffiti and of course the Casablanca poster, one of the greatest and iconic films of all time.

This was a fun and fairly quick build and I’m quite happy how it turned out.  I think the rusty bear came out the best but the flowers on the bush need a bit of work (but they’re not too bad for a first attempt).

I really like the footprints and the track marks, the paint job on the road really brought them to life.  The fences came out OK (I like the stone ones best) although a bit of weathering or some moss or lichen would have been nice.  The small base size of the fence sections, so destroyed bits can be removed, is a good idea, flexibility is always a bonus for me.
My main piece for this competition and the first Googie architecture terrain I’ve worked on (but it won’t be the last).  Pretty much everything worked as planned (a Christmas miracle) but I’m probably happiest with the weathered Rocket advertising on the wall and the scrubby ground cover.

I failed to mention the pop culture references in my entry write up so, for anyone wanting to know, they are:

The Red Apple Cigarette poster (from Quentin Tarantino’s movies)
The 1960s style poster for Morley Cigarettes, recommended by Dr Dana Scully (from The X Files)
And in the “too hard to make out” basket, a copy of a Grognak the Barbarian comic (from the Fallout games series), a can of Angry Norwegian Sardines (from Futurama), a pack of Llama cigarettes (from The Shadow movie) and a packet of Morley cigarettes (X Files again).
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All great entries hope to take part in a comp myself soon. Extra Evil Dave, love the Rocket advertising on the building can you tell us how you achieved this please Smile
(12-28-2015, 09:12 AM)felix1 Wrote: love the Rocket advertising on the building can you tell us how you achieved this please Smile

I’m quite pleased by how it worked out and it was surprisingly simple to do.

Start by painting the surface in whatever colour the raw construction would be, in this case like concrete.

Next stipple whatever colour the wall would have been painted when new, white for this build.

Because this advert has a fairly limited colour palette and is on a plain background I simply used the picture formatting function in Microsoft Word to age and distress the advertisement.  Starting in the Artistic Effects menu I used the Line Drawing effect and then softened the picture and then played with the brightness and contrast levels till it looked right.  Most image manipulation/artistic software can do this type of thing so use whichever one you prefer.  For more complex pictures and/or backgrounds I usually use GIMP.

Print and cut out the picture.

(Optional) Carefully distress the edges with sandpaper to further soften the edges and help to blend it into wall.  I find it works better to sand the underside of the picture and work up to the picture level.
Glue the picture onto the wall.

To finish, stipple the picture with the original base colour.


Hope that’s helpful. 
Thanks for that, your results show its well worth the effort, I look forward to trying it out.

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