Motel California Sign
Motel  California Sign

During my downtime on the service station project I decided to make another piece that would also look right at home on Route 66, a Googie style motel sign.
I started with a couple of pieces of 10mm foam card taken from my bits box that were almost perfect (I just trimmed a small bit off the lower piece).

[Image: 23775406762_dd2b0f199f_z.jpg]

I glued them together and covered the exposed foam with some 225gsm card.
[Image: 23857640666_ecd83d9392_z.jpg]

I carved the silhouette of the bear from 5mm foamboard (using a printout as a template) and made a star from several layers of card.
[Image: 23775409302_acae81b5f5_z.jpg]

The wording on the sign was printed with a couple of Googie style fonts onto a background of rusting painted metal, these were then cut out and a couple of layers added to the motel amenities list for a more 3D appearance.  The printouts were glued to the body of the sign and more rust and staining added.  The bear was painted up to look brown and rusty and glued to the sign top.  The star had a pin painted to look rusty used as a support and the star itself was painted a fading dirty red and was then stuck and glued on top of the sign.

For basing I made a planter from 5mm and some 5mm cork tile.  A couple of layers of tile were cut to size and glued together to make a solid core with some weight to it.  The planter walls were cut from 5mm foamboard and textured by beating it with a rock.  It was then painted ochre, given a heavy brown wash and drybrushed a sandstone colour.  Finally a neglected and weed strewn gardeb was added using an assortment of mainly Woodland Scenics products and some kind of crafty florist material for the weeds.    
[Image: 23857642606_523a7fa274_z.jpg]

[Image: 23255559414_ab76112c8a_z.jpg]

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