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"How-To" Countdown Tags
Our current forum software allows for moderators to set threads to lock at a future point in time. This feature will be used mainly in our competition process. To help make that date and time easy to find, a countdown mechanism has been put in place to give the amount of time between the present and when that thread will lock. This feature can be used by any member posting a thread or response. (This could come in handy if you are running a poll that ends at a certain time or posting a WIP project that you need to finish before a certain day.)

The code for the "countdown display tag" looks like this:


This can be used anywhere: in thread titles, thread descriptions, posts, anywhere (on the TG forum of course). The mechanism does NOT do anything other than display a countdown.  It doesn't actually start, end, or do anything effect any other part of the forum. Polls or thread locking need to be configured seperately.

The text yyyymmdd represents a date.  The display counts down to 00:00 on that date.  On TG we often talk about "midnight" however there is no such thing as 24:00.  So if you want a countdown to midnight on any particular day, what you really want is a countdown to 00:00 on the following day. For example, for the countdown to end at midnight of December 31, 2014 the countdown tag date area should read 20150101.

The designation for the letters behind the slash are as follows:

l = length of output.  Options are "l" or "s" meaning "long" or "short".
t = type of countdown.  Options are "s" or "e" meaning "start" or "end".

Short output generally looks something like "17 days & 15 hours" and is intended for use in titles.  As time runs out, it will switch to displaying hours and minutes and finally minutes and seconds.  When there is no time left it will display "Started" or "Ended" as determined by the "t" option.

Long output generally looks like
"ends in 17 days, 15 hours, 36 minutes, 40 seconds at 0:00 on February 22nd 2015"
and is intended for use in thread descriptions.  Whether it says "starts" or "ends" is determined by the "t" option.  Note that it is in lower case so you can prefix it with "Competition ", "Voting ", or anything else.
When the time is up, it will display something like:
"ended at 0:00 on February 22nd 2015"

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