Deserted Service Station
For this competition I'm going to build something I've wanted to do for a while, an abandoned service station in the Googie Architecture style, the kind of place you could see on Route 66.
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It's kind of difficult to work on a comp entry when you're about 7000 Km from your tools and supplies but now I'm back home I've at last had a chance to do some substantial work on this project. 

I started by cutting the walls, roof and canopy from 5mm foamboard. The canopy support beam was made from a length of 12.7mm styrene I beam. 

[Image: 23538326502_9b1661b6d7_z.jpg]
Wall parts
[Image: 23538329182_52198381dd_z.jpg]
Roof and Canopy parts

[Image: 23351224730_0524b2a402_z.jpg]
Canopy support parts

The walls looked too ordinary so an angled extension was added to the end of each main section.

[Image: 23646910135_a72519106d_z.jpg]

[Image: 23351220320_63d840b9c8_z.jpg]
Much Googier (it's a thing).  An angled doorway and window frame will be added later.

I cut an I shaped slot in the pump island/support base and inserted and glued the I beam into place.
[Image: 23019850883_1c39322f82_z.jpg]

A classic Googie structure needs something to give it a distinct kitsch look, preferably something that says Atomic or Space age.  Since the plan is for the place to sell Rocket Brand gasoline I decided to make a classic sci-fi style rocket (single stage, big fins and a cigar shaped body) mounted on the roof to grab the attention of the passing motorist.

I made the fins from some dental flosser/toothpick combination things (I purchased them a few years ago purely because I thought the shape had building potential).  The body was made from a bamboo skewer cut and sanded to shape.   
[Image: 23564477081_ca136b7c99_z.jpg]
Rocket bits (and flosser/toothpick thing)
[Image: 23564474731_903c22a670_z.jpg]
Assembled rocket

That's all so far, hopefully I'll get a few more bits added in the next few days.  
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I think I see where you are going with this Dave, and I like it. When I first saw the picture of the flosser, I thought it was your foam-embossing tool Blush , but now I see the modeling  potential you did. I'm going to have to see if we have them here in the States. Looking forward to the completed station.

The fuel pump was made with a 10mm foamboard core encased in layered card with a print for the readout and plastic sheet for the window.  A logo was added and a broken fuel line attached and the whole was painted in stained rusty colours.

[Image: 23267919414_9d5007450f_z.jpg]

I decided to make the broken remains of the second pump out of assorted bits of scrap.

[Image: 23896116755_4c3d76c69f_z.jpg]

[Image: 23870012626_fc69d46467_z.jpg]

The canopy support and pumps were glued together.

[Image: 23600401640_f64dde1034_z.jpg]

The roof was layered in corrugated metallic card and the rocket and stand added and painted as rusting metal.

[Image: 23787792022_3dc1a312e0_z.jpg]

The main structure was assembled and interior details added.

[Image: 23813634841_c21880d8c2_z.jpg]

Finally everything was based on a piece of 5mm cork tile with sand for adding ground texture and scrubby vegetation made mostly from assorted Woodlands Scenics material.
Time for the final entry pictures.

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