Railway station at El Alamein
Egypt, 1942. A lonely train station by a sand-swept rail line. "ALAMEIN" reads the sign. A soldier of the British Commonwealth, apprehensive of the coming battle, carves into the word "Heaven" and an arrow pointing up. He has yet another new, unproven commander. How could this Monty chap lick the Desert Fox?

[Image: tumblr_lyml8k5BMC1ro7luno1_500.jpg]
[Image: post-1429-0-81813400-1360067515.jpg]

Ok, so project wise, this is pretty simple. Rectangle with roof, doors. The magic needs to be authenticity. Actually carve "heaven" into th wall. Get the patched-and-plastered textures right. Color it right. It will never be exciting, but maybe it will evoke that soldier's ironic humor in the face of death.

Bonus pop culture easter egg planned. "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world..."
As the picture appears to show an Aussie Digger (wearing an unpinned slouch hat (for better shade)) this is double approved by me  Big Grin .
Ok, the weekend, and I have time, a little, to turn my attention to this project. I am modeling a real-world, still standing building, so thanks to Google Maps and Google Image search, I have a wealth solid data.

[Image: Over%20head%20veiw_zpsu1puyuxm.png]

This is from Google Earth, zoomed in on the train station and rotated so the station itself is square in the image. Screen shot my computer, rotated, and cropped.

Overhead view is fuzzy, but it measures about 50x25 pixels, so the length to width should be 2:1. The front view of the building, the second image of my first post, showed the frontage at 400 pixels and the door at 30x60 pixels.

[Image: Contemporary%20photo_zpst28lvt6r.jpg]

This image shows the shape of the roof. The peak of the roof, as seen from the side is  360 pixels tall, while the height at the building corners is 320 and 230 pixels, averaged to 275 pixels to compensate for the further distance of the far corner. So the peak of the roof 1.3 times higher than walls.

In 28mm, scaled from the door. I want 1.5" tall door, so the door is 3/4 in wide. The frontage is then 9.75", and width is 5" (rounding up here. The front wall should be 2" tall, since the door is about 3/4 the height of the wall, and on the sides, the peak of the wall should be 2.6 inches tall.

In 15mm, half these demensions. 9"x2.5", 1" tall walls, with a peak of 1.3" on the side.

This is an easy build, and I have interests in both 28mm and 15mm wargaming, so I think I'll build it in both scales.
Darn good thing I have a tournament this weekend. Strong motivation to get my project completed.

About a week ago, I cut the basic pieces. Really easy build. Sides, back, front, and then the template. I cropped away the sky, ground, roof, everything but the front face the the building. I dropped it into a word processor, rotated it to fit the page, and then scaled it to 2"x9.75". Cut away the waste paper, window, door, and arched openings, and I had a template to cut the front and back.

[Image: Parts_zpsf8nsjdgg.jpg]

The windows are by Archeotech.co.uk, so thanks, Andy. They are two-part sliding windows, the sort I grew up as a kid. The real world thing has shuttered windows, but I used what I had.  The roof, below, is Plastistruct spanish tile.

[Image: Assembled%20and%20painted_zpsj0ctvhib.jpg]

Here we are, installed on the base. The building itself if done except for detail work -- signs, the graffitti above and a pop-culture easter egg. The roof is removable, and the tree, magnetized, fits under the root during storage.

The color and texture really don't come through with indoor lighting and a smart phone. I am hoping for a sunny sunset, to captured that warm desert glow and bring out all the rich yellows and reds. Hard to come by in Minnesota in December...
I completed this today, and captured a few shots just as the sun was setting over the neighbor's house. Not quite the golden hour, but hey, better than indoor lighting.

[Image: Finished%20Front_zpslbkwmavt.jpg]
I've added a bit of faded foliage partially to conceal a few defects caused by warping in the building. Plus, even in the desert, you need a little scrub. The roof is removable, and the tree is magnetically attached for easy storage.

[Image: Finished%20Oblique_zpsh80v1acl.jpg]
The oblique view showing the pop culture easter egg - a faded movie poster for "Casablanca."

[Image: Finished%20Pop%20culture%20detail_zpsw3a7tjry.jpg]
A close-up on the movie poster. This image also highlights the texture of the walls and the roofing material. It also really shows off multi-part window frame.

Any thoughts or last-minute changes? to do minor tweaks if you have a quick suggestion.
If you can catch that Golden Hour - It would be perfect for this piece!!!!
Looks good! If you have some painted models that are the right scale maybe you could add them in the pictures to show how they look with the terrain piece.

The 'Heaven' reminds me of my college years where we used to write D32->Heaven (D32 was the class room we had our most classes in and of course it was sarcastic ^^).
[Image: Finished%20with%20%20figures_zpsi33bnwqn.jpg]

With figures to scale. Turns out the "golden hour" is more like fifteen minutes and not so very golden this time of year.
[Image: Finished%20with%20%20figures_zpsnotby82b.jpeg]
(12-20-2015, 05:42 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: [Image: Finished%20with%20%20figures_zpsnotby82b.jpeg]Yeah, that is what golden hour is supposed to do. I don't really like doing it digitally though. It can alter the colors too much and make the blacks look funny. I did adjust the temperature a little on th first three pictures, just a little.

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