Roadside Well
Finally moved into a new place and hopefully can get working on a project now that we're settling in. Thought I'd make something for use with 15mm medieval and fantasy. The idea is a roadside spring/well owned by a monk or priest. All are welcome to drink from the spring, but they have to listen to his message while they do so. Got the idea from a group giving out free bottled water at an outdoor event during the summer.

The base is a piece of pink foam with a circle dug in for the spring/well. Might build around the outside with bricks, not sure. Used a dry ballpoint pen to draw in some cobblestones:
[Image: 20151102_211059_zpsow9au1ov.jpg]

The right side will have sort of ramshackle hut or chapel for the priest. Maybe a wood building with a thatched or straw roof. I thought about a "Free Water" sign by the road, but not sure if it would look right at this scale.
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Neat idea! I would think even just one layer of stones surrounded the well on the top would help in creating the feeling of depth.
Got the base of the structure built out of flat toothpicks, stand of 15mm halberdiers for scale:
[Image: 20151103_142047_zpsumd4bag5.jpg]

Since the doorway will be left open and there are holes in the walls I gave the interior some basic paint and used some bristles from a paint brush for hay on the floor. Also added a cross to the back wall that will only be visible looking directly through the doorway once the building is complete:
[Image: 2015-11-05%2013.43.57_zps8ymzp3nz.jpg]
Sorry this shot is a bit washed out. Cloudy day and couldn't get the lights position right so had to use the flash. The paint on the floor is a bit thinner than I'd like it (thinner looking in this shot than looking at it irl, though), but since it won't be very visible I didn't want to spend too much more time on it. I did want to convey a sense that this would be a dirty, smelly place. Thought about adding a couple of other little things for the priest's belongings like a couple of sacks or a blanket.

Next will add a roof. Not sure what it will be. I like the idea of a thatched roof, maybe sagging in the middle. I've previously made a thatched roof for a small building for 15mm by scraping the detail into foam with several xacto blades hooked together, I think Tob gave me the suggestion ages ago, and it turned out good. Alternatively I was thinking about trying something with a towel, but I don't know if the detail in that might look too large for the scale.
I like the direction this is going.
The structure is finished and painted, now it just needs the roof:
[Image: 20151109_161734_zps1z1yq1eu.jpg]

I considered towels for the roofing material, it really looks great in fukifino's Old Witch's Hut, but the threads just look too big at this scale. Instead I think I'm going to use the inside surface of an old (but laundered first!) sock. It doesn't look quite as realistic, but I think the texture will look good.

While waiting for the glue to dry I cut a piece from the top part of the sock and made it into a blanket/rug:
[Image: 20151109_161853_zpspvtlykcb.jpg]

Painted both sides with a thinned red acrylic, then painted on the square pattern. When that dried put some water on it to fade it a bit and added some browns to dirty it up. I thought about blending it more into the ground, but considering this is probably the only time it's really going to see much light I'll probably just leave it.

Next step the roof. I've placed the material on the model in various ways. I thought strips would be best, but for some reason it doesn't really look right. Maybe it's too neat in comparison with the building? I don't know. I'm thinking now about just going with a solid piece of fabric on each side of the roof and a thin strip connecting them across the top.

It would be cool to add a priest or monk figure just outside the building. I know Old Glory makes 15mm monks in its crusades line, but they come in a pack of 24, not sure what I'd do with the other 23 and the price seems a bit steep when I only need one. I might have some 15mm peasants somewhere, maybe I can convert one of them.
You're close. Will you finish?

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