A Hanging Tree
About 8 years ago there was a warhammer scenario that revolved around a huge and evile tree. I managed to dig up the description and rules for it:

Quote:[Rampaging evil armies] ...have left behind marks of their corrupt nature, one of the most disturbing examples of which is the Hanging Tree. Suspended from this enormous, gnarled, and ancient tree are gibbets, hanged men, and other grisly trophies left behind by the foul Beastmen. It is rumored that evil magics have been worked upon the tree and that it draws the forces of darkness to the vicinity.

Quote:The Hanging Tree: The forces of light must attempt to destroy the Hanging Tree, which should be treated as a unit rather than a scenery piece. The Hanging Tree has the following profile and special rules.

Stats: Mv0* — Ws5  —  Bs0* — St6 — Wd30 — Tn8 — In3* — At8 — Ld9*

The Hanging Tree is part of the forces of darkness, cannot move or be moved by any means, automatically passes any test based on a statistic marked with an asterisk, is Immune to Psychology, is Unbreakable, is a Large Target, is immune to Poisoned Attacks and Killing Blow, causes Terror, has no flank or rear, and has Magic Resistance (3).

I would like to have a tree like that, big, extra creepy, a centre piece.

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