Abandoned Asylum
Thanks Munin, my ego is now doing the "Happy Dance".

Now continuing my build.
I built a typical Art Deco style entry canopy from two layers of 5mm foamboard. Then glued it into place.

[Image: 21700274370_d09b7527ac_z.jpg]

[Image: 21391660443_709c5f58f3_z.jpg]

The window sills and coping (roof edging) were cut from 1mm card and glued on and another couple of decorative fans were added to the top of the entry pillars.
Additionally I decided to add a couple of steps to the entrance but since that would have made the doorway too short for my already made doors I added another 5mm or so of foam to the base to increase the height of the doorway.

[Image: 22000563262_802306ea3b_z.jpg]

[Image: 21391669913_cf966fe3a5_z.jpg]

Finally, I cut the steps and vestibule floor from 5mm foamboard, this will be added when the vestibule walls and floor are fully detailed.

[Image: 22022670391_70508ae6ec_z.jpg]

Next Time : Windows 
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All of the effort and patience you put into your shapes really yields some great results.
Loving the way this is shaping up.
The windows are to be built in three layers the outermost being made from flyscreen painted with red oxide paint and then drybrushed with patches of orange and dark red for a rusty look.
The glass middle layer is made from plastic packaging some intact and others cut and scratched to appear broken, the pieces were then lightly sanded in assorted ways to allow them to take a dirty wash (to be applied at a later date).  
Finally the innermost layer is one of a group of pictures of the inside of real abandoned asylums and hospitals.

[Image: 22073027252_611b47f7db_z.jpg]

A dry fit example of the window design.  The windows will be attached inside the facade towards the end of construction.

[Image: 22059354846_fdf45c8d97_z.jpg]

I added a few more Art Deco touches by scoring the entrance pillars to make them appear as they are made of large blocks and adding some banding.  

[Image: 22085524715_0660ca50ec_z.jpg]

[Image: 22095531651_276c475749.jpg]

[Image: 22095534911_0ed0157404.jpg]

I decided to give the vestibule a decaying tile wall.  I heavily scored the tile pattern into a 225gsm sheet of card and then cut out random tiles or parts of tiles.  The tiles were then undercoated in a dirty off white to represent grout and then roughly painted turquoise.  The walls where the tiles were to be glued was painted in a blue/grey colour to represent the underlying concrete and adhesives where tiles have fallen off.  The tiled area is only about 2/3 of the vestibules height because it seems to be a traditional pattern in many medical facilities.

[Image: 21898620069_d430d0ecab_z.jpg]

Vestibule walls with tiles attached.  It now awaits a few dirty washes to finish with. 

[Image: 21897341350_a1e894910c_z.jpg]

The main entry doors were painted in a corroding bronze colour.  They were first painted with a black undercoat, then heavily drybrushed with a dark mid green, followed by a lighter drybrush of turquoise, then an even lighter drybrush of copper and a final finishing layer of another very light turquoise drybrushing (all that time consuming 3D texturing seems to have worked, Yay).

[Image: 21897635788_c83a4fb01f_z.jpg]

Next Time: I dunno, ....Stuff. 
I designed and printed a tiled floor and then glued it and the walls onto the vestibule floor.  A picture of a rather disturbing hallway was glued behind the doorway to give an impression of depth to the building.

[Image: 21970592308_5a04091ce4_z.jpg]

Then a selection of litter was added, consisting of some age stained newspaper prints, assorted stained paper spilling from a toppled bin (made from a container lid painted as rusting metal), fallen wall tiles, some tiny manila folders of patient records and some assorted scraps from my bits box.

[Image: 21970291900_26420f2465_z.jpg]

The facade was given an initial paint job of a dirty cream colour, given several brown washes and drybrushed with sandstone and will get more staining later.  The rusted security screens were then glued in place.  

[Image: 21971517699_55ed26a8dd_z.jpg]

[Image: 21537315403_dbcd76befc_z.jpg]

The dirty glass (plastic) window panes were then glued into place and prints of abandoned asylum and hospital interiors were added as the final layer of the windows.

[Image: 21970589358_885e67bbf4_z.jpg]

Finally the double doors, entry vestibule and entryway window were attached.

[Image: 22145794882_c102d21490_z.jpg]

Well that's the major construction work out of the way now all that's left is basing and a few additional details.
Wow, reminds me of some of the old 'Institutions" that I URBEX'd back in the day before it became cool Smile
Just a couple of final details to add.  As the inspiration picture had some exterior lights and some potted plants flanking the doorway I thought I might as well make some as well.
The plant pots are just some 1cm beads I found in a big bag of assorted beads on sale at a local craft store, they were simply painted to bring out the patterning and the plant is a bit of Woodlands Scenics clump foliage.
The lights were made from some 5mm transparent beads and capped on either end with something called "Papercraft Brads" that I found at the same time as the pot plant beads.  The lights were painted in the same corroding bronze colouring as the main doors and glued to a circle punched from some card painted in the same way.

[Image: 21075254543_fda8dd479d_z.jpg]

[Image: 22186954285_b207b77376_z.jpg]

With these bits attached all that's left is the basing, final photos and to type up my completed entry.
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Great piece. I think you've a great job with the interior scenes, creating an object of greater visual depth than the actual model. Very nicely done.

(10-24-2015, 12:05 AM)pendrake Wrote: It is very nice. Will it ever get companion pieces EED?

Thanks Pendrake,

I've got a couple of companion pieces in mind, make that three, no four, oh crap, five (shut up brain) hopefully I'll get to build some of them fairly soon.

(10-24-2015, 01:48 AM)djmothra Wrote: That's a nice piece there EED! Think I mentioned already, I used to do a lot of Urbexing in abandoned asylums around the UK and this is spot on Smile

I was so snowed with work this month - I only started thinking about my entry last week - came here to see how much time and saw "ends in 2 days" oh... Sad

Glad you liked it, I used a bunch of urbex pics for most of the interior views and detailing the vestibule.  If you have any interesting pics from your urbex days you could always post some in the inspiration thread, 'cause that would be cool.
(10-22-2015, 09:10 PM)Asdel Wrote: Great piece. I think you've a great job with the interior scenes, creating an object of greater visual depth than the actual model. Very nicely done.

Thanks Asdel

It's the first time I've tried that technique at that kind of scale, glad you liked the result, I'm quite pleased with it myself.

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