Spooky Haunted House
A few years ago - I made a Spooky Haunted House Silhouette for my classroom (I'm a high school English Teacher in VietNam Smile ) and always fancied the idea of making an actual scale version of it - most likely used for Mordheim / Bolt Action etc.

[Image: imag0008-jpg.3324]

As you can see it has the normal Halloween zanyness - something I may have to tone down a little - we shall have to see.

Also, as I like to make my bits as functioning bits of scenery, i'll probably make the back open / ruined for ease of troop movement etc.

C&Cs welcome.

EDIT: I may even knock up the graveyard / grounds for it too Wink
Keep the zaniness, if not add more! Big Grin
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I love it a lot! I don't think you should tone it down. This is so great! Have fun!

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