Halloween (of course!)
For this competition taking place when it does, I think Halloween is the way to go.

**This might be anything that has overtly spooky tones, such as a moody feel to the miniature, something creepy or gory, or death related. It doesn't have to be literal pumpkins and skeletons everywhere if you don't want (though they're welcome.) It could simply be a particularly ominous house of some kind or a ghostly looking woods. Anything that gives you that awesome Halloween chill!

**Of course, Halloween also has an aspect of humor, so one doesn't need to take the imagery too seriously if they don't want. A little silliness and playfulness in the build would be just as welcome. Be creative!

**On another hand, Halloween (and many other Autumn festivals) are originally about celebrating the harvest, looking back as well as forward, and remembering loved ones. So also welcome would be something simply seasonal that evokes the feeling of autumn or harvest time. In other words... the colors don't necessarily need to be limited to shadow black and blood red if that's not your bag.

The options for what the final product is are wide open. There are no size requirements or limits and no scale requirement. Do what you enjoy the most so long as you're evoking a Halloween theme as you see it.

WOO! Have fun!
Way back in the day I made a replica of the house used in the intro to 'Tales From The Crypt.' It's was my favoritest thing I've ever built. It's has a very good home, but I miss it. Tongue This would be a good opportunity for me to make another one for myself... except smaller, because that one ended up huge!

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