TARDIS mini ring
Okay, how the crap are you all painting miniatures?! Because it is SO HARD OMG. 

I had this 3D printed TARDIS ring that looked way better in the sales photo than it looked when it arrived. So it kicked around for a while and I decided to try to paint it the other day.

[Image: 11899886_899423373476346_6302411642696947041_n.jpg]

It ended up I guess passable, but not what I'd call neat and smooth. DANG, you all, painting miniature things is SUPER HARD and I have a whole new appreciation for the stuff up in this section of the forum..!

[Image: 11889464_899423360143014_755852535605763595_n.jpg]
Looks pretty good for an early attempt at such small scale painting.

For me, finding quiality in painting miniatures is about four things:

1) Using the right brush - a very fine detail brush with nice soft bristles will help you pick out tiny details much better than those cheap, plastic-bristled affairs that come with kiddie paints and projects. (Larger brushes have their use for larger areas of course.)

2) Using the right consistency of paint - if your paint is too thick, it will obscure detail and dry with lumps and grains to it. Thin your paint so it goes on smoothly and doesn't hide the detail. Several thin coats are much better than one thick heavy mess.

3) Patience - take your time and focus on what you are doing, as a rushed job will nearly always look worse than a careful one.

4) Practice - you can read all the advice in the world, watch painting tutorials, etc - but you really can't get better without getting in there and painting, and if you do you will most likely improve over time as you find what works best for you.
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Hey, thanks. I think probably the paint was a big problem then. All I have is acrylic but it's really thick and felt clunky and difficult while trying to do this kind of detail. So maybe it should have been thinner or I should have used a different kind.
You may want to look into paints specifically made for miniature models. They have a higher pigment count than your average craft acrylics. Games Workshops sells some, or Vallejo, or Privateer Press... they'll cost more, but are easier to work with in small details.
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