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TerraGenesis Video Submissions
In an effort to expand the TerraGenesis web community, we are looking for volunteers to participate in creating relevant video content. These videos would be uploaded to YouTube and a thread will be created for it on TG to have a space open for discussing each particular video. The topic of these videos may range from step-by-step building tutorials, product reviews, painting techniques, and/or other content with the intention of educating people interested in miniature hobbies. To keep things concise, videos should cover only one technique or process and not an entire project from start to finish. Having a technique focused plan will appeal to a wider range of people of all genres of the community. For example, we are looking for a member to submit their style of creating a conifer tree not to share their complete forest tile for a war gaming table from concept to completion. This way, viewers can take that tree technique and implement it in their own projects, such as a model railroad scene.

These videos will have to be member-driven, but not exclusive to those members that are video-savvy. TerraGenesis users would only need to record their process and submit the video file to MellyMonkey, the site administrator, as an avi, mp4, mpv or mov format. She will edit the video, compile it into the pre-made TG intros & outros, manage the YouTube requirements, and coordinate the discussion thread on our forums.

How the members want to record their video will depend on what they are comfortable with. In no way would they be required to show their face or speak on camera, if they did not want to. Subtitles submitted by the video creator can be added in lue of narration in the editing process. TerraGenesis will not dictate what is said or seen in your videos but reserves the right to edit anything that is deemed inappropriate or irrelevant. It's possible that people share their projects in our forum and other members recommend that their technique be a candidate for a video tutorial, but the original creator is unable to do so. They may contact MellyMonkey to record the technique for them and she will still give credit to the original creator. Obviously, it is ultimately up to her discretion and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

As an added incentive, users who submit video content for TerraGenesis to use can promote their personal website if they have one. TerraGenesis will not turn on the 'moneytizing' ad options through YouTube, so we will never make a profit off of our users’ content. We will also not be paying for anyone's time or materials for their video; this is strictly a volunteer opportunity for those interested in growing our community.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to discuss them in this thread. If you would like to participate by submitting a video, please contact MellyMonkey via private message. Thank you!
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