When I was out at an art supply store, I saw these tiny palm trees and it gave me the idea to make a beach scene for my mom for Mother's Day.

[Image: 11667286_10153055184149422_6528497977500714094_n.jpg]

At that point, I had never made any miniatures before and so I thought I could just pop on YouTube and watch a tutorial or something and figure it out. I had no idea how long it could take, or how complicated. I watched Melly's video on her spawning pool (and that's how I got to meet her through e-mail and she invited me here.) I have worked on these other projects, hoping to get more comfortable with some of these skills, before I set in to doing this beach for my mom. (Pretty late Mother's Day present.)

[Image: Fullscreen%20capture%208242015%2033642%20PM.jpg]

I first tried building a base out of a baking soda clay because it was super moldable. I was going to cover that in wood putty because it makes a nice sandy looking effect. Unforch, the clay cracked pretty bad and I left it to sit for a while. I ended up falling back on the purple foam business again and have painted it and added a little faux micro sand.

I was looking at a reference beach and trying to match the colors I saw, but as usual, I don't feel super confident on working with color so please feel free to give me some input here. I'm also thinking of coloring the resin too just a teeny bit. Or should I leave it clear? Opinions? I really don't want to mess this up cause I heart my mommy, you know? (Though I WILL say that all of this painting I've been doing, I've started to think... oh, that brown needs some yellow in it. Or that grey needs some blue... things I never thought before. Like... er... grass is clearly green and rocks are clearly grey! kinda stuff before. I feel like I'm starting to get familiar with color nuance. But I'm still trying to get better.)

It's a really basic thing at this point but I'm hoping to craft up some passable coral and sea life and then do my first exposed edge resin and waves and stuff. So wish me luck I guess cause wtf.
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Those little palms are friggin awesome. I will have to keep my peepers peeping for for some.
I'd leave the resin clear, there will be enough color from the blue already Smile

Which direction is this going? A Shipwreck desert island? (possibly not totally appropriate for mothers day!)

A general beach scene - complete with beach towel and parasol perhaps?
Your green and blue transitions in the water are very nice. Speaking as someone who does a lot of scuba diving, you nailed it!
Caleb: I can call the place I bought them from and get the brand if you want.

djmothra: No shipwreck, unforch! Mumsy has a love affair with the beach. She doesn't know it, but I've saved some sand and four micro shells from Hanauma Bay. I lived in Hawaii for five or six years and my mom loved to come and visit. The last time she came she brought my sis and we all went to the bay together. I've been holding onto them for almost three years for the right moment. I didn't realise at the time it wasn't super awesome to take sand and shells, but since the damage is done, I'm going to use them and it'll be in a way that means a lot to her. So I was thinking one of those sling chairs, though the parasol is a good idea! And thanks for the water tip. I really had no idea.

Munin: Right on! Now if I can get the rest to work out... x...x
Ditto on leaving the resin clear. The painted bottom looks great and I'm assuming the resin won't be that thick, so I think it would add to the depth-trickery if it was clear. The foam texture seems to be helping you out here too. Can't wait to see it done!
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I've been to Hanauma Bay a number of times! (I got Sun stroke once and my dad got stung by a Jellyfish) Still a lovely place though Big Grin
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[Image: IMG_2232-001.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2233-001.jpg]

I made some corals. I'm pretty happy with them. Some of them look like pictures I saw of coral, some I took a bit more creative freedom with just to fill in spaces. That might be cheating. I don't know.

[Image: IMG_2235-001.jpg]

Trouble is I don't really know how to arrange them now. In shots from the air, the coral looks pretty one note and just dark and blobby. I thought I should have some fun (It doesn't need to be LITERALLY Hanauma Bay. I just want my mom to like it.) So I'm kinda cool with the colors and stuff (might also redo some of this and make an aquarium.) but I can't figure out how to arrange it. I don't know if I should make more or what. 

I was thinking it definitely needs something. Maybe some rocks that I paint a little to get darker and match the water depth? But then the coral doesn't do that. Some sand? Then I'll cover up the water. Basically I'm struggling with the corals having a lot going on and the beach and trees looking so simple. Maybe I should add some beach grass, do a bit with the trees, do up the beach itself, and see if that increase in detail helps blend the transition with the coral.


I also want to do some fish and a sea turtle. I'm really worried about trying to get to the resin. Having an exposed side, I don't want it to leak everywhere. I don't know whether to stop the coral at the edge of the foam or have the resin extend past the foam and encase it by a mm or so. I want to pour the resin so it's thick at the 'deep' part, and thin at the beach part and then add wave textures after. I know I can pour new layers when it's at the gel/firming stage in order to put in fish and stuff, but I know you can only pour resin overall up to a certain depth in one go, right? But I don't want it to harden completely or I'll get horizontal lines, right?

AUGH THIS IS SO HARD. Can I just hire someone to pour the resin for me? <3
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Nice work on the coral, it's good to see such a variety of types and colours.
A lot of coral reefs surround islands so I suggest that you arrange the coral in a line around the edge of the base to form a little reef.
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Thank you, this is exactly the kind of tips I need.

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